Descendants of Robert Young of Nash Co. NC
who went to Madison & Hall Co. Ga. and Randolph County, AL
Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince, © Copyright 1997

Generation No. 1

1.  ROBERT1 YOUNG OF NASH CO. NC. He made a will on 15 October 1780, naming bequests to his daughter ELIZABETH WHITFIELD; granddaughter MARY ANN YOUNG (her parents not given in the will); sons STEPHEN YOUNG and WILLIAM YOUNG; executors NATHAN BODDIE and WILLIAM ANDREWS.  His wife's name was not mentioned. The witnesses were Denis Linehan, Samuel Bryant, and Jacob Carter.  The will was proved by the oaths of Samuel Bryant and Jacob Carter and recorded July court 1781, Nash Co. NC.  [Item #10, pp. 9-10, Record of wills, Book 1, 1776-1782, LDS #0419419.


2. i.  STEPHEN YOUNG, b. about 1740, Nash Co. NC; d. 1812, Madison Co. Ga. (part that had been Oglethorpe Co.).  He received all the land estate, one mare and the crop.  Evidently he was the eldest son.

3. ii.  WILLIAM YOUNG received all the moveable estate exclusive of the above legacy.

4. iii  ELIZABETH m. _____ WHITFIELD received three cows and calves, one bed and furniture to be taken from the moveable estate.

Generation No. 2

2.  STEPHEN YOUNG (ROBERT1 YOUNG) was born about 1740 in Nash Co. NC, and died 7 June 1812 in Madison Co. Ga. (part that had been Oglethorpe Co.). He was in  Capt. Colbert's district of Oglethorpe Co. Ga. in the 1800 census.  His estate papers may be found in Madison Co. Ga. Annual Returns Book A: 142. He drowned after ridng his horse home in a storm.  He married DINAH TUCKER.  She was born January 07, 1739/40 in NC, and died January 06, 1848 in Hall Co. Ga. She is buried in  Young Family Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.


5. vi. ROBERT YOUNG, b. December 12, 1760, NC; d. Hall Co. Ga.
   vii. ELIZABETH YOUNG, b. Abt. 1776; m. GEORGE W. WILSON, October 25, 1789, Oglethorpe Co. Ga.  The information on George W. Wilson and Elizabeth Young Wilson came from one of their  descendants.
6.viii. WARREN YOUNG, b. Abt. 1789, South Carolina; d. Abt. 1827, Gwinnett Co.  Ga.
     ix. WARNER YOUNG, b. Abt. 1790; m. SALLY REID/REED, May 31, 1811, Jackson Co. Ga.

Generation No. 3

5.  ROBERT3 YOUNG (STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1) was born December 12, 1760 in NC, and died April 18, 1854 in Hall Co. Ga. He married (1) CELIA STRICKLAND, d. Sept. 21 1837; both are buried in Young Family Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga..    He married (2) ELIZABETH MOORE CANNING, widow of John Canning,  before 1840 in Ga., daughter of ROBERT MOORE and ANNE COKER of Bethlehem, Walton Co. Ga.  [Please see ] Elizabeth was born 1813 in SC, and died in Hall Co. Ga. buried in  Alta Vista Cem; plaque with her name in Young cemetery.


 i. NELSON4 YOUNG, b. 1840.


6.  WARREN3 YOUNG (STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1) was born about 1789 in South Carolina, and died about 1827 in Gwinnett Co.  GA.  He married ADELINE (LINNEY) ASBURY about 1810 but record not found yet.  She was born about 1790 in S.C. (age & birthplace from 1860 Randolph Co Al census, and she died after 1860 in Al.

Warren Young and Adeline Asbury Young are thought to be the parents of Nancy Jane Young and others listed below.  So far the proof has eluded us.

Warren's orphans drew land in the  1827 land lottery from Gwinnett Co. Ga.  Warren was the son of Stephen Young of Madison Co. Ga. formerly Oglethorpe Co., and his wife, Dinah Tucker . I am interested in the Youngs of Randolph and Clay Co. Al, because they may be the siblings of my Nancy Jane Young, born July 1824, Ga. and died 27 Nov. 1888, Hall Co. Ga.  She had a sister, Celia Young, born April 1820, Ga. and died 28 April 1906, Hall Co. Ga.  Nancy married Morris William Cash, 19 March 1847, Hall Co. Ga.  They're on the 1850-1880 Hall Co. Ga. censuses, and both are buried in Union Bapt. Church Cemetery, Hall Co.  Celia Young married John Orr and they're in the 1850-80 Hall Co. censuses.

 Warren Young served in the 1812 war in the 25th Regt. Jackson Co. Ga. in 1812 War.    Warren Young was in the 1820 Gwinnett Co. censuses as 26/45 yrs old with a female 26/45 yrs old; 1 female under 10 , and 3 males under 10.
Warren died by the 1827 land lottery, since his orphans of Moore's Dist. Gwinnett won Lot #138, 2nd District, Coweta Co. Ga.; land granted on 22 Jan 1838.   Linney Young, female, age 40/50 in 1830 Gwinnett Co. census with 2 females age 5/10; 2 females 15/20; 1 male under 5; 2 males 5/10; 2 males 15/20.  Was Linney the widow of Warren Young?  In 1840 and 1850, this Linney was not found in any Georgia or Alabama census.  in 1860 Randolph Co. Al, shows Asberry Young, age 48, and his family including Linney Young (same as one in Gwinnett Co.? no proof), age 70, in his household, relationship not given on this census .  No estate record was found on Warren Young, apparently because of the courthouse fires..  Warren is the proven son of Stephen and Dinah Tucker Young, and the brother of Robert Young (b. 12 Dec. 1760, Halifax Dist. N.C.; died 21 March 1854, Hall Co.).  Robert and many members of the Young family are buried in the Young Family Cemetery in Hall Co. including Dinah Tucker Young (b. 7 Jan. 1740 N.C.; d. 6 Jan. 1848, Hall Co. Ga. 108 yrs old at death).  I visited this cemetery about 1983. Stephen named Warren in his will.

Now this land was granted to Warren's orphans, in Coweta Co. Ga. in 1838.  In 1839 deeds show that Redmond B. Young of Carroll Co. Ga., Asbury Young of Carroll Co. Ga., John T. Young of Coweta Co. Ga, and Abraham Holland of Coweta Co. (probably a son-in-law of Warren Young) each of them sold an undivided 7th part of Lot #138, Dist. 2 of Coweta Co. Ga.  Apparently, 7 children won this lot in 1827 lottery , but these four are the only ones identified in Coweta Co. Deeds Bk. F:502-504.

By the 1850 census, all these Youngs were in Randolph C0. Al.  In addition to those named, we find also Carson M. Young, b. about 1825, Ga. and his wife who was Elizabeth Lynch.  Redmon B. Young, b. abt 1818, Ga. , marr. Martha Mabrey, 26 Jan 1837, Carroll Co. Ga.  Asbury Young, b. 12 Aug. 1815, Ga. married (1) Elizabeth Baker, 8 Feb. 1842, Carroll Co. married  (2) Caroline Price; m. (3) Keziah Patton.  John T. Young was b. about 1812, Ga. m. Sarah Wilson, 1834, Coweta Co.  According to the Al censuses, both John T. and Redmond B. named a child , Adeline, and Carson M. named  a child, Linney E. Young.

Nancy Jane Young and Morris W. Cash named a child Rufus Asbury Cash; he was my great-grandfather.  They also named a child Willis Warren Cash.  The research done to date hasn't proven who her parents are.  These names may be co-incidences.  I  met one of Willis Warren Cash's children, Nina Sells, about 17 yrs ago, and she told me the Warren in her father's name came from his grandfather she was always told.


7.     i. JOHN T.4 YOUNG, b. Abt. 1812, GA..
8.    ii. ASBURY YOUNG, b. August 12, 1815, GA; d. April 19, 1899, is buried Clay Co. Al, County Line
           Cemetery;  lived Randolph Co. Al.
9.   iii. REDMOND B. YOUNG, b. Abt. 1818, GA.
10.    v. CELIA YOUNG, b. April 1820, Ga.; d. April 28, 1906, Hall Co. Ga..
11.   vi. NANCY JANE YOUNG, b. July 1824, Ga.; d. November 27, 1888, Hall Co. Ga.Buried Union Bapt. Ch Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga..
12. vii. CARSON M. YOUNG, b. Abt. 1826, GA; d. April 02, 1863, AL.

Generation No. 4

7.  JOHN T.4 YOUNG (WARREN3 , STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1)  was born about 1812 in GA.  He married SARAH WILSON 1834 in Coweta Co. GA.  She was born about 1816 in GA.  He and his family moved to Randolph Co. Al about 1845.


 i.   FRANCES E.5 YOUNG, b. 1836, GA.
 ii.  ADELINE YOUNG, b. 1839, GA.
 iii. MAY YOUNG (MARY A.), b. 1841, GA.
 iv. MARTHA YOUNG, b. 1842, GA.
  v. ALLEN ASBURY YOUNG, b. August 12, 1844, GA; d. March 14, 1900, Clay Co. AL; MARY ANN
      REBECCA HAMIL; d. Clay Co. Al; both buried McDaniel's Cemetery.  He was disabled in the Civil
      War  when shot in hip.
 vi. CELIA YOUNG, b. 1845, Randolph Co. AL.
 vii. REDMOND B. YOUNG, b. 1847, Randolph Co. AL; m. (1) MARY PHILIPS; m. (2) SERENA ANN MIZE;
        m. ( 3) CHARITY PEARCE.

Serena Ann Mize was a widow at the time she married Redmond B. Young, and the mother of 3 children:  Martin L. Mize, b. 1866; Nancy E. Mize, b. 1868, and W.H. Mize, b. 187?, all born in Missouri.

 viii.  ANNIS CATHERINE YOUNGb. 1849 was married to RICHARD H. HAMIL
   ix.  LYDIA JANE YOUNG, b. 1854.
    x.  BETHANY T. YOUNG, b. 1856, AL; m. WILLIAM R. YOUNG; b. 1852, AL.  They were first cousins.


8.  ASBURY4 YOUNG (WARREN3 , STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1) was born August 12, 1815 in GA, and died April 19, 1899; lived RandolphClay Co. AL.  He is buried in County Line Cemetery, Clay Co. Al..  He married (1) ELIZABETH BAKER.  She was born October 17, 1820 in GA, and died April 13, 1857; buried in  Clay Co. AL, County Line cemetery;lived in Randolph Co.  He married (2) CAROLINE PRICE.  She died May 21, 1881.


  i.  JOHN T5. YOUNG, b. Abt. 1843.
  ii. BETHENIA W. YOUNG, b. December 20, 1844.
 iii. ALLEN ASBURY YOUNG, b. 1849.
 iv. WILLIAM R. YOUNG, b. 1852, AL; m. BETHANY T. YOUNG; b. 1856, AL; they were first cousins.
 vi. EMILY JANE YOUNG, b. 1856, AL; m. JAMES R.


 vii. SAMUEL J.5 YOUNG, b. October 04, 1858, AL; m. MARTHA S, January 10, 1878, Clay Co. AL.
 viii. ROBERT YOUNG, b. 1861.
 ix. MARY E. YOUNG, b. 1863; m. JAMES S. MORRIS.


9.  REDMOND B.4 YOUNG (WARREN3 , STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1)was born Abt. 1818 in GA.  He married MARTHA MABREY January 26, 1837 in Carroll Co. Ga..  She was born 1820 in GA.  They moved to Al about 1845, and later to Texas.


 i. ADELINE5  YOUNG, b. 1838, GA.
 ii. LYDIA YOUNG, b. 1841, GA.
 iii. ___HEA YOUNG, b. 1844, GA.
 iv. MARTHA YOUNG, b. 1849, AL.


10.  CELIA4 YOUNG (WARREN3 , STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1)  was born April 1820 in Ga., and died April 28, 1906 in Hall Co. Ga.  She married JOHN ORR before 1846, record not found in Hall Co. GA.  He was born June 04, 1807 in SC, and died September 24, 1899 in Hall Co. Ga.

In addition to the children listed on the family group sheet, listed in the 1850 census of Celia and John Orr was: Andrew Franklin Young, b 17 July 1839, Ga; d. 14 Feb. 1914; married Mary Jane Orr (b. 14 July 1840; d. 8 June 1918), daughter of Lydia and Thomas Orr; all buried in Flowery Branch Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.  Andrew is listed with his own household in 1880-1910 Hall Co. censuses; he was a blacksmith.  Who were his parents??

Children of CELIA4  YOUNG and JOHN ORR

  i. SARAH ELIZABETH 5 ORR, b. January 30, 1847; d. 1936,  m. RUFUS H. CLEGHORN, March 02, 1867, Hall Co. Ga; b. August 27, 1846, Hall Co. Ga.; d. October 04, 1922. Both are buried in Old Piney Grove Church Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.
 ii. WILLIAM H.ORR, b. about 1846; m. MARY M. HENRY, February 11, 1869, Hall Co. Ga.  This family moved to Mississippi.
 iii. CELIA LOU ORR, b. January 04, 1851, Hall Co. Ga.; d. December 24, 1932, Hall Co. GA   m. STARLING ROBERTS, October 10, 1880, Hall Co. GA; both are buried in Mt. Salem Church Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.
 iv. JOHN THOMAS ORR, b. April 01, 1852, Hall Co. GA.; d. June 03, 1932,  m. (1) SARA BAILEY; d. February 10, 1878; both are buried Friendship Bapt. Church, Hall Co. Ga; m. (2) MARY C. FIELDS, August 19, 1879, Hall Co. GA; b. 1859; d. 1946.
 v. MARY A.ORR, b. September 17, 1854, Hall Co. Ga.; d. June 17, 1931, Hall Co. Ga.   m. THOMAS J. WAYNE, December 30, 1874, Hall Co. Ga.; d. Hall Co. Ga. Both are buried Mt. Salem Church Cemetery.
 vi. JAMES B.ORR, b. May 24, 1857, Hall Co. Ga.; d. April 25, 1939, Hall Co. Ga.   m. EMILY SAVANNAH KENNEDY, July 1881. Both are buried Kennedy Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.
 vii. MARION COLUMBUS ORR, b. October 15, 1859, Hall Co. Ga.; d. February 27, 1937, Hall Co. Ga. m. MARY FRANCES LITTLE, September 29, 1889, GA; b. January 23, 1871, Hall Co. Ga.; d. August 02, 1969, Gwinnett Co. Ga. Both are buried Union Bapt Church Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.
 viii. NANCY E. ORR, b. June 1863, Hall Co. Ga.; d. August 1918, Ga.  m. THOMAS SLOAN, August 03, 1905; b. 1853; d. 1929.  Both are buried Piney Grove Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.
 ix. ATLANTA ORR, b. about 1866, Hall Co. Ga.; d. about 1896, Hall Co. Ga.  Buried old Friendship Baptist Ch. cem,Hall Co.; m. SOLOMAN MARION PUCKETT; b. 1860; d. 1929.


11.  NANCY JANE 4 YOUNG (WARREN3 , STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1) was born July 1824 in Ga., and died November 27, 1888 in Hall Co. Ga.  She married MORRIS WILLIAM CASH March 19, 1847 in Hall Co. Ga.  He was born September 15, 1811 in Amherst Co. Va., and died January 11, 1890 in Hall Co. Ga.  Both buried Union Bapt. Ch Cemetery, Hall Co. Ga.  for more on this family, see

Nancy Jane Young was the second wife of Morris William Cash, and the direct ancestress of Thelma Faye Cain Prince, the compiler of this genealogy.  Nancy Jane Young's parents are unproven, but it is believed that she was the daughter of Warren Young and her mother was Linney Asbury Young.  Warren was the son of Stephen Young of Madison Co. Ga.  Warren died prior to 1827, because his orphans drew land in the 1827 Land Lottery;however  all their names were not given in that record.

Nina Mae Cash Sells, daughter of Willis Warren Cash, and grandaughter of Nancy Jane Young Cash told me that Nancy had a sister, Celia Young Orr of Hall Co. Ga.


 i. RUFUS ASBURY CASH, b. March 08, 1848, Hall Co. Ga.; d. February 14, 1918, Gwinnett Co., Ga.  Cemetery; m. MARY ELIZABETH COOPER, April 02, 1865, Hall Co. Ga. [A:439]; b. July 28, 1848, Hall Co. Ga.; d. October 28, 1917, Gwinnett Co., Ga.  Both buried Luxomni Bapt Church Cemetery, Gwinnett Co. Ga.  For much more about Rufus A. Cash see
For the Cooper family. see

Fact 3: Charter Member Luxomni Bapt Church
Fact 4: Farmer
Fact 6: Charter member of Sweetwater Masonic
Fact 7: Lodge #421, Gwinnett Co. GA
Fact 10: Obit: News Herald, Monday 18 Feb 1918
Fact 11: Flowery Branch, Hall Co. Ga.; moved to
Fact 12: Gwinett Co 1880, Cruse Rd. Martin's Dist
Fact 13: Confederate veteran

Fact 3: Luxomni Bapt. Church, Lilburn, GA
Fact 4: House wife
Fact 10: Obit: News Herald , Monday, 30 Oct. 1917
Fact 11: Hall Co. then Gwinnett Co. abt 1880

 ii. WILLIAM STEPHEN CASH, b. May 19, 1850, Hall Co. GA; d. June 02, 1853, Hall Co. GA.
 iii. AMANDA JANE CASH, b. September 13, 1852, Hall Co. GA; d. May 1934; m. ______ WILSON.
 iv. RAYMOND ELBERT CASH, b. May 07, 1855, Hall Co. GA; d. January 17, 1938, Hall Co. GA; m. MARY  E.   WATERS, November 23, 1876, Hall Co. GA {Bk B:204].
 v. WILLIS WARREN CASH, b. November 22, 1857, Hall Co. GA; d. August 26, 1938, Hall Co. GA; m. MARTHA EMALINE PIRKLE, February 14, 1880, Hall Co. GA; d. Hall Co. Ga.  Buried Union Bapt Church.
 vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON CASH, b. February 08, 1860, Hall Co. Ga; d. June 25, 1934, Hall Co. Ga. m. NANCY A. HAINES, September 18, 1881, Hall Co. Ga. [C:28}; b. December 24, 1862; d. February 12, 1931,
Hall Co. Ga. Buried Union Bapt. Church.
 vii. MILTON MERIDA CASH, b. August 27, 1863, Hall Co. GA; m. PARALEE REED.
 viii. GENERAL FRANCIS MARION CASH, b. February 17, 1867, Hall Co. Ga.; m. MYRTIE COOPER, November 02, 1911, Hall Co. GA.


12.  CARSON M. 4 YOUNG (WARREN3 , STEPHEN2 , ROBERT YOUNG1)  was born about 1826 in GA, and died April 02, 1863 in AL.  He married ELIZABETH LYNCH January 01, 1850 in Carroll Co. GA.  She was born 1833 in Carroll Co. GA.  He lived in Randolph  Co. AL 1850 census.  Co.F. 25th AL Inf. Reg., Civil War.


 i. JASPER M. YOUNG, b. 1852, Randolph Co. Al; m. MARGARET E. DUVONE, November 23, 1890, Clay   Co. Al.
 ii. LEWIS J. YOUNG, b. 1854, AL.
 iii. WILLIAM E. YOUNG, b. 1856, AL.
 iv. LINNEY E. YOUNG, b. 1857, AL.
 v. LYDIA A. YOUNG, b. 1857, AL; m. S. J. SMEDLEY.
 vii. CARSON F. YOUNG, b. 1863, AL; m. LULA HAMIL, February 09, 1890, Clay Co. AL.

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