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Descendants of Jane Jolly & John Still,Sr.

For full details on Joseph Jolly and his family, please click on this link:  JOSEPH 1 JOLLY, Sr. of Thickety Creek died by 5 March 1788 in Union Co. S.C.  This is the date administration of his estate was granted to Thomas Brandon and Joseph Hughes.   Joseph's estate papers show that John Still, Sr. signed for his wife's legacy with his mark, a  -I-  with a dash through it, dated 15 February 1791.


Received of Thomas Brandon in behalf of his self and Joseph Hughes, as
administrators to the estate of JOSEPH JOLLY  and  BENJAMIN JOLLY desist in full of my demands as one of their hairs (sic) in behalf of myself and wife and hairs (sic) the sum of twenty pounds Sterlin (sic) being my full demand both in law and equity for myself and hairs(sic) fully and forever acquitting all claim, right,  ___ and demand forever as witness my hand this 15 February 1791 in presence of _____ Barth (?).

John ­I- (his mark) Still

{Above abstracted by Thelma F. Prince from a photostat copy of the original document.}

1.  JOHN 1 STILL, SR  was born in ? and died in ?.  He  married JANE2 JOLLY, daughter of JOSEPH 1  JOLLY in probably S.C.  John Still was born at least by 1741, because he received his first land grant in 1762.   He died after 26 September 1797 (date his will was written), Edgefield Co. SC. Jane was born about 1745 in SC and died after 1820, Edgefield Co. SC.  Her dates are estimated.  She married (2) OGDEN COCKCROFT/COCKEROFT
(christened  May 21, 1738; died October 21, 1820, Edgefield Co. SC..  He was married (1)  Sally Crossley, May 8, 1766 in Heponstall, England.    She died about 1800, Edgefield Co. SC.   See bottom of this page for Ogden Cockeroft's will.

1) A grant was made to JOHN STILL (Signed with his mark,[ -I-] 13 July 1762 of 100 acres stituated in Craven County on the SW side of PeeDee River, bounded northward on Daniel Monahan's land and vacant land, westward on vacant land, south by Joshua Edwards and William Hughes' lands, eastward on PeeDee River {Vol.10:262 for grant; Vol. 7:245 of Colonial Plats; Vol.14: 239, memorials, all found in South  Carolina Archives}.  This is John Still of the 1797 Edgefield Co. S.C. will, because he signed the grant document with the same mark he used on his will.

2}  A grant was made to JOHN STILL 12 Jan. 1769 of 100 acs in Craven Co. on a small branch called Tinkers Creek on the South side of Broad River bounded on all sides by vacant land {Vol 18:177; Colonial plats Vol. 9:277; Memorials Vol:8:422}.

3] A grant was made to JOHN STILL 15 March 1771 of 100 acres in Craven County on a branch of Fair Forest bounded on all sides by vacant land. {Vol 23: 277;  Colonial Plats Vol 21:131].

These last two grants weren't signed with our John Still's mark.

On page 474 of Citizens and Immigrants-South Carolina abstracted by Mary Bondurant Warren is found this record:

                 SAMUEL MCJENKINS, 150 acres Berkley County in the fork between Broad and Saludy Rivers on a small branch of Tybee river known by the name of Tinkers Creek, bounded NE on JOSEPH JOLLY.  Survey certified 4 December 1768.  EDWARD MUSGROVE, D.S.  For the memorialist, John ( -I-) Still, his mark.

This is John Still of the 1797 will because he used the same mark.  A S.C. Land Memorial is a written account of how a person came by the land he is paying taxes on.  The accounting usually begins with the original land owner, stating a chain of titles of how he or she came by this land, such as conveyances or heirship.  [Memorials Vol 9, p. 474, Colonial Plats, Vol 10, p.57.]

Edgefield Co. Deed Book 2: 1787-1788.  26 Nov. 1787.  JAMES BUCKELEW to JOHN STILL, both of Ninety-Six Dist. SC for 50 pounds, sold 182 acres on branch of Little Stephens Creek, being part of 500 acres originally granted 14 Aug. 1772 to RICHARD BUCKELEW and by his decease fell to his son and heir, GEORGE BUCKELEW, who conveyed to said JAMES BUCKELEW, adj. Christopher Ward.  Signed by James Buckelew, Rachel Buckelew.  Wit: Christopher Ward, Ogden  Cockcroft, who swore by oath 14 Apr 1788 before Arthur Simkins, J.P. [ This was a deed of grant and release.  The actual deed was the next day, 27 Nov. 1787.  This deed did not require John Still, Sr. to sign, but this is him, because he sold the land later in 1796, below.]

Edgefield Co. Deed Book 8: 235-237.  11 November 1789.  Joseph Lewis to William Morris, both of Edgefield Co., 200a originally granted 06 August 1787 to said Lewis on Little Stephenís Creek of Savannah River.  Wit:  John Still, Samuel Lewis, Elisha Stephens; recorded 06 July 1793.

1790 South Carolina Census-  Two Stills found, both in Newberry District:
Jon Still-10-20-05-00-00, pg 078
Robert Still-01-00-03-00-00, pg 078

Deed Book 8: 403-408:  26 Aug. 1791:  CHRISTOPHER WARD to YOUNG ALLEN , both of Edgefield Co. SC for 14 pounds, sold 100 acres originally granted 13 Apr 1769 being on Manchester Creek on the old wagon road leading from Charleston to Cambridge adj. lands of John Rushton.   Signed, Christopher Ward.  Wit: JOHN STILL (signed with his mark as before described), Amos Richardson, who swore by oath 19 Aug. 1792 before Henry King, J.P.

Deed Book 12: 61-63.  27 May 1794. Hugh Young of Charleston SC to Elisha Stephens of Edgefield Co. Sc for 20 pounds, sold 238 acres being part of 1500 acres originally granted 17 Dec 1772 unto Hugh Rose and by removal or decease of said Rose, said 1500 acres descended to Hugh Young; on Little Stephens Creek of Savannah River adj John Fudge, Lewis's line, JOHN STILL, Richard Buckalew, Alexander Bean.  Plat on p. 62.  Signed Hugh Young. Wit: Silv. Walker, James Jones.   [ This plat shows the Buckalews, Alexander Bean, etc as close neighbors to John Still)  I believe this is John Still Sr., although he had no reason to sign it, being a neighbor.

Plat on p. 62.  Signed Hugh Young. Wit: Silv. Walker, James Jones.   [ This plat shows the Buckalews, Alexander Bean, etc as close neighbors to John Still)  I believe this is John Still Sr., although he had no reason to sign it, being a neighbor.

Deeds above came from the book: EDGEFIELD COUNTY DEED BOOKS 1-12 [1786-1796 by Ge LEE Corley HENDRIX, C.G. 1985.

FROM SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTISTS, Leah Townsend. 1935.  Pg. 211, John Still was a member of Little Stephens Creek Church, a Baptist Church in Edgefield Co. 1794.  He was a messenger for the association.

16 June 1795.  Edgefield Co. SC.  JOHN STILL, SR. to JOHN STILL, JR. his son, for  25 pounds, 175 acres on Stephens Creek.  Wit: James Holt, Jacob Youngblood, W. Coursey [Edgefield Co. SC Records by Janie Revill, 1984].

Deed Book 13: pp. 127-128.  1 July 1796.   JOHN STILL and GEAN STILL, his wife, Edgefield,  sell to BENJAMIN EDDINS 555 acres,  agreeable to a resurvey made by William Coursey.  The land being a part of 500 acres granted Richard Buckelew, dec'd, and descended to George Buckelew and conveyed by George to James Buckalew and from James Buckelew to JOHN STILL, all by grant and release.  Also the land is part of a 1500 acres granted to Hugh Rose, lying on Little Stephens Creek (no neighbors mentioned).    Wit: James Eddins, James Blocker.  Signed JOHN (-I-] STILL, GEAN [-I-) STILL. [ Both signed with the same mark -I-.   This lets us know this is John Still, Sr. and wife.]

The Will of John Still, Sr. is abstracted from a microfilm copy sent to me by the SC Archives.

   Abstracted from a Photostat of the Original Will

South Carolina, Edgefield County.  Will Bk A:131-133 In the name of God, Amen.  I, JOHN STILL, being in a low state of health, but in sound mind and memory, bearing in mind that it is appointed for all men to die and after that to come to Judgment, do ordain this my last will and testament.  First, I recommend my soul to God who gave it, not doubting but that my body and Soul shall again be united at the glorious morning of the resurrection, and my body I commit to the dust from where it was taken, to be buried in a Christian-like manner, and as for the estate that the Lord has been pleased to bless me with in this life: first of all, I desire that my just debts be paid and the remainder to be disposed of as follows

Item 1. I give unto my beloved wife JANE, the plantation and tract of land where I now live.  Also the negro women by the name of Tab and Dant with all my stock of horses, cattle, and hogs, one set of smith tools and all my plantation and household furniture during her natural life, and the profits arising therefrom to go for raising and schooling of my children that is yet under age and in case of my wife remarrying then for her to have an equal part with the four children hereafter to be mentioned who is to have that part of the estate.

Item 2. I give unto the heirs of my daughter, DARKES DELOACH, deceased, one dollar.

Item 3. I give unto my daughter, HANNAH FLANIGAN, one dollar.

Item 4. I give unto my son, JOHN STILL, one dollar.

Item 5. I give unto my son, THOMAS, one negro boy named SAM, to him and his heirs forever.

Item 6. It is my desire that if the above named negro woman shall have as many as three children that they be disposed of as follows: that my daughter, SARAH YOUNGBLOOD, may have the oldest at one year old and that my daughter, MARY COCKAROF, may have the second at one year old and that my daughter, LETTY, is to have the third at one year old.  In case any of these three daughters shall fail in getting a negro at a year old by the said Tab not having that many, then in that case, they are to come in for an equal part of the estate with the four boys hereafter mentioned.  {These were the youngest girls}

Item 7. I also give my four sons, DAVID, BENJAMIN, JOSEPH, and  JOLLY, at my wife's death, the above mentioned tract of land and two negro women, with the remains of the income, but in case of my wife's death before my children comes of age for the whole of this last mentioned part of the estate, to be kept together till they do come of age for the above mentioned purposes.  {These last mentioned were the youngest and not of age when John wrote the will.}

Item 8. I also ordain, constitute, and appoint my beloved wife, JANE, and son-in-law, JACOB YOUNGBLOOD, my executors of my last will and testament Wherefore I have set my hand and seal this twenty-sixth day of September, one thousand, seven hundred and ninety - seven.

Signed JOHN (-I-) STILL

Children of JANE 2 JOLLY and JOHN 1 STILL are:
{Birth Order Not Definitely Known, All Born SC}

  i. DORCAS 2 STILL, d. before September 26, 1797; m. MICHAEL DELOACH, JR.  She died before Sept. 1797 when her father, John Still, made his will.  She was living when this deed was written:
Edgefield Co. Deed BK 1:87.  Michael DeLoach, on 7 April 1788, deeded to Thomas Williams for 5lbs a tract of 200 acs in Colleton Co., now in Edgefield Co. SC, being granted to Michae DeLoach 26 Feb 1772, bounded by lands of Russell and Jacob Smith.  Signed by Michael and Dorcas DeLoach.  wits: Samuel DeLoach, Alex Wilson.
There were two Michael DeLoach's residing in Beaufort district in 1790 census, both with 7 children.

 ii.  HANNAH STILL, m. ____  FLANIGAN.

 iii. JOHN STILL, JR., m. ESTHER STEWART, daughter of John Stewart, Sr., sometime between 1786 and 1801.   We don't know the age of this John Still, but according to John Still's will, we know he was one of the older children, along with Dorcas and Hannah.  He  is  the one who was married to Esther and lived on Little Stephens Creek in Edgefield Co. near his father.  I doubt he is the one who served in the Revolution, does not seem to be old enough.  A Stewart descendant sent me the following records on June 3, 1999.  This is the new material added to this site at that time.

Edgefield Co. SC.  13 April 1801.  JOHN  STILL of Edgefield to GEORGE LANDRUM of Edgefield for $250, an estimated parcel of land containing 150 acres in Edgefield District , on branches of Little Stephens Creek, bounded by Wm. Morriss on N.W., Benj'n Lewis and Elisha Stevens on S.W ., on N.W. by Benj'n Eddins.  Signed by John Still (no Mark used),  Wit:  John Stewart, Jr. and Thomas Landrum.  [This is John Still, Jr. and Esther below was his wife.]

9 August 1803.  Edgefield District.  {Attached to the above 13 April 1801 Deed}.  I, Arthur Simkins, one of the Justices of the Quorum for this district do hereby certify unto all whom it may concern that Esther Still, the wife of the within named John Still, did this day appear before me and upon being privately examined , did declare that she freely voluntarily and without any compulsion, dread, or fear of any person whomsoever, renounce, release, and forever relinguish unto the within named George Landrum his heirs and assigns, all her interest and estate and also her right and claim of dower of in or to all and singular the premises within mentioned and released.  Signed Arthur Simkins, J.Q.,  and Esther Still.

Edgefield County, SC  1785-1795  Minutes of the County Court, Page 31
Relinquishment of Right in a tract of land from John Stewart to Esther Stewart was proved by the oaths of Thomas McGinnis and Eva Whiteman which was ordered to be recorded.  12 Oct 1786

Deed Book 12:  1794-1796  Edgefield County, SC, Page 552-556
14 Jul 1783:  Nicholas Glasser & Barbary his wife, to Thomas Hill, all of Ninety Six District, SC for 144 pounds, sold 144 acres originally granted as 200 acres 13 Aug 1765 unto Nicholas Glasser but on a resurvey found to be deficit of 56 acres so that the tract contained only 144 acres, being in Granville County on Turkey Creek.  S/ Nicholas Glasser, Barbary (o) Glasser.  Wit:  John (x) Arledge, Esther Stewart, Thomas McGinnis, who swore by oath 11 Dec 1783 before John Purvis, J.P.  Rcd. 16 Feb 1796

Edgefield County, SC  Book 22. Page 151
P. 414-416  John Stewart, Senr, John Still and wife Esther Still to John Oliphant.  Deed, 22 February 1803, $1200, 371 acres being part of land originally granted to John Stewart, 1759, both sides Turkey Creek of Stephens Creek and Savannah River now bound W on William Briant, S on Thomas Hatcher & Alexander Bean, E on John Blocker, NW on original grant, Micajah Drake.  Wit: James Blocker, Wm Hogins. /s/ John Stewart Senr, /s/ John Still, /s/ Esther Still.  Justice John Lyon certifies the relinquishment of dower by Candis Stuart wife of John Stuart Senr, 23 February 1803; /s/ Candis (x) Stuart.  Proven 7 March 1803 by Wm Hogins; Rd Tutt C.C.    Rec 7 March 1803.

2. iv.  MARY STILL, b. abt 1765; d. abt. 1823, Estate Settlement, Edgefield Co. S.C. m. JOHN COCKCROFT/COCKEROFT, son of Ogden Cockcroft.


   vi. THOMAS STILL.   From Edgefield County Records by Janie Revill, 1984:
Thomas Still--Edgefield Co. Equity Bills 27-982.  Martha Still, Admr.  Bond: 1 March 1824.  Securities: Lewis Curry, Benj. Curry, Eli Morgan.  (I do not know if this is Thomas Still, son of John Sr., or not.  I think this Martha Still may have been the daughter of Martha Hancock who named her daughter, Martha Still, in her 1827 Edgefield Co. will.)

4. vii.  BENJAMIN STILL, b. September 01, 1778, Edgefield Co. S.C.; d. January 16, 1846, Walton Co. Ga.; m. JANE MARTIN, daughter of Sarah and John Martin, Sr. of Edgefield.  See the Martin family at:
5.  viii.  JOSEPH STILL, b. Abt. 1780; d. October 1843, Edgefield Co. S.C; m. ELIZABETH BEAN.

6.  ix. LETTY STILL, b. January 15, 1781, Edgefield Dist. S.C.; d. March 24, 1869, probably Edgefield Co. S.C; m. JOHN COGBURN, JR.

    x.  DAVID 2 STILL, born by 1784; m. CATHERINE ____.
From Edgefield Co. SC Records by Janie Revill, 1984, p. 202.  David Still-w-Catherine of Madison Co. Miss.  To Shemel Nicholson of Edgefield 134 acres on Sleepy Creek of Savannah River.   Edgefield Deed Bk 34:411.  28 Feb. 1817.

Edgefield Co. SC. Deed Bk 27:448.  30 December 1805.  John Mullican to Ogden Cockeroft  80a being part of 450a originally granted Arthur Watson 7 January 1788, also, 180a  which was conveyed by said Watson to Anderson Winsor 28 and 29 May 1780, bounded by a small branch near Cattail Pond, also, 52a granted to said John Mullican 6 September 1802 by his Excellency John Drayton.  Wits:  David Still, Jolly Still;  signed John Mullican, Mary Mullican;  proved 15 April 1806 by David Still; Alexander Bean JP.  Recorded 25 March 1807.

  [This proves that both David and Jolly below were at least  21 years old in 1805, in order for them to be witnesses to a deed.  Although Jolly has a deathdate on his tombstone, there is not birthdate, just says he was 63 years old when he died, which can be wrong]

7. xi. JAMES JOLLY STILL, b. by 1784, S.C.; d. November 15, 1849, Edgefield Co. S.C; m. ISABELLA BEAN.  He was called Jolly in his father's will and in some deeds.

Generation No. 2

2. MARY 2 STILL (JOHN 1), born about 1768, SC; died in 1823; has estate settlement, Edgefield Co. S.C.  She married JOHN COCKCROFT/COCKEROFT, SR., born in England about 1765, son of Ogden Cockcroft of Edgefield Co. SC. and his first wife, Sally Crossley.  John has an estate settlement in 1814, Edgefield Co.  They were members of Dry Creek Baptist Church {from Leonardo Andrea Collection, South Caroliniana Library, Columbia, S.C.]  They are buried in Dry Creek Cemetery, now in Saluda Co. SC, but then in Edgefield Co. SC.

Cockeroff, John--Deceased.  Real estate sold-tract #3. Edgefield Sale Bk A-26
Cockeroff, Mary Deceased.
Distributees:  Each 1/9 share equal to $16.00
1.  Thomas H. Loveless and wife
2. Benjamin
3. Henry
4. Sarah m. John F. Martin.
5.  William Rotten -w-Catherine
6. William, John and David Cockeroff-minors-Thomas H. Loveless, Gdn.

Receipts: 31 Dec. 1827 from John Martin for share "to which myself and wife, Sarah are entitled".
31 Dec. 1829 from Wm. L. Rotten w-Catherine for share "to which myself and wife are entitled."
Page 28- sale tract #4--same heirs.
From B. L. Cockeroft for self and minor-John, 18 Dec. 1830
Page 30-sale tract #2-same heirs.
[Edgefield County, SC Records, by Janie Revill, 1984, pg. 42]

All Born In Edgefield Co. SC

      i.  SUSAN 3 COCKCROFT,  b. 11 October 1795; d. after 1868 ; m. THOMAS HENRY LOVELACE/LOVELESS, 22 July 1823, Edgefield Co. SC.
     iii. CATHERINE COCKCROFT, d. after 1880; m. WILLIAM L. ROTTEN.
     iv. DR. HENRY COCKCROFT, M.D., b. March 16, 1799; d. December 20, 1854; m.   SALLIE (  ? ).  Buried Macedonia Church Cemetery, Bullock Co. Al.
8.   v. BENJAMIN COCKCROFT, b. January 27, 1800; d. 15 March 1841; m. SARAH A. -----, b. 27 January 27, 1813;  d. 31 December 1887, SC.  Buried Dry Creek Baptist Cemetery, Saluda Co. SC.  Dates from tombstones.
      vi. SARAH COCKCROFT, b. March 15, 1804; d. February 24, 1838; m. JOHN  F. MARTIN ( 31 Dec. 1805, SC; 7 Feb. 1847, SC) on 16 October 1827, Edgefield Co. SC.  Sarah and John are  buried Dry Creek Baptist Cemetery.  John was son of Andrew Martin  but was adopted and raised by his uncle, William Martin and his wife, Sarah Rotten.  William Martin left a will in 1827, Edgefield Co.  See the Martin family at:
     vii. WILLIAM STILL COCKCROFT, minor in 1814 father's estate records; m. MARY SAWYER, 27 Feb. 1840, Crawford Co. Ga.  Both were still alive in the 1880 Leake Co. MS census.
    viii. JOHN COCKCROFT, JR., minor in 1814 father's estate records; m. m. SARAH ANN PRATT, 9 May 1835, Monroe Co, Ga.  Both are found in the 1870 Leake Co. MS census, but only Sarah is in the 1880 Leake Co. census.
     xi.  DAVID COCKCROFT, minor in 1814 father's estate records.

At this point, I will insert the Will of Ogden Cockeroft, father of John Cockcroft/Cockeroft and his brother, William Cockeroft.  The name is spelled both ways in the records.  Ogden married after 1800 (2) Jane Jolly Still, Mary Still's mother.  It was also Jane's second marriage.  A copy of the photostated will was provided to me by Shirley Cockcroft Evans, a descendant, who got it from Edgefield, SC. , Tompkins Memorial Library.  Thank you, Shirley.

Oct. 20, 1820

The Last Will and Testament of Ogden Cockeroft , South Carolina, Edgefield District, Deed Book 7, p. 298

In the name of God, I Ogden Cockeroft being in a low state of health but in sound mind and memory calling to mind that it is appointed for all men to die and that after that to come to Judgment so ordain this my last will and testament. First of all I recommend my soul to God who gave it nothing doubting but that my body and soul shall again be united at the glorious morning of the resurrection and my body --- to the dust from whence it was taken  to be buried in a Christian like manner and as for the estate that the Lord has been pleased to help me with in this life.

First of all I desire that my just debts be paid and the residue to be disposed of as follows.
First, I give unto my beloved wife Jane the following property viz, a negro woman named Hannah, one horse, one white colored cow and a calf and my stock of pigs that is three burrows and breeding sow and ten shoats and the household and kitchen furniture and crop that is now on hand. Also, I desire that she have the use of the plantation on which I live during her natural life and then for my three grand sons namely William Cockeroft, John Cockeroft and David Cockeroft, heirs of my son John Cockeroft. Also a negro woman named Creesy during her natural life and then to Mary Cockeroft.

Secondly, in lieu of the above named land, I give to my son William Cockeroft a tract of land laying on UnderWoods branch of Mine creek water of Saluda River containing one hundred and thirty two acres and of my moneys to be collected without debt and equally divided between my son William Cockeroft and the lawful heirs of my son  John Cockeroft.

I do hereby ordain, constitute and appoint my son William and Jacob Green my executors of this my last will and testament and hereby make void all other wills and ordain this my last will and testament, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and twenty and forty fifth year of the Independence of the United States Of America.  {Ogden Cockeroft died 21 October 1820 before he could sign the will.}

We the heirs of the above testator have this day agreed to the above writing as the last will and testament of Ogden Cockeroft, dícd, and by the same as witness our hands and seal this 30th day of October 1820.

Signed: John Cogburn        Mary [her X  mark] Cockeroft
William Rotten         Jane [her X  mark ] Cockeroft
Jacob Green        William Cockeroft

South Carolina
Edgefield District        Personally appeared William Rotton before me and made oath that he saw Mary Cockeroft, Jane Cockeroft and William Cockeroft sign, seal and deliver the within instrument of writing for the uses & purposes therein mentioned and that himself John Cogburn and & Jacob Green were subscribing witnesses to the due execution thereof.  Sworn to this 6th Nov 1820.
M. Mims Clerk    signed: William Rotton
Recorded 6 Nov 1820

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