Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince, Copyright 2000

Descendants of James Martin
Generation No. 1

 JAMES1 MARTIN was born Abt. 1729 in probably Larne, County Antrim, Ireland.  Came to SC from there 1768, lived in Fairfield County and died  in Wateree, Kershaw County SC, where his will was proven 9 Jan. 1786.  He married JANE------- Abt. 1754 in Ireland probably.  She was born 1728 in probably Larne Ireland.  Her maiden name is not known; proof is needed.  She died at an advanced age about 1828, Wateree, Kershaw Co. SC.

From South Carolina Immigrants 1760-1770, pg. 25 abstracted by Jack Moreland Jones and Mary Bondurant Warren, Council Journal, pg. 24, Jan. 12, 1768:  The clerk reported that he had in pursuance of his Excellency the Governor's directions been on board the "Snow James and Mary", John Moore Master, from Larne and administered the oaths to such of the poor Protestants as were of age who had lately arrived in her unto this province on the encouragement and Bounty given by an Act of the General Assembly of this Province passed the 25th July 1761 aggreeable to the following list.

James Martin 38
Jane Martin 39
William Martin 13
John Martin 12
Jane Martin 10
Andrew Martin 8
James Martin 6

Immigration to S.C: 31 December 1767, date the ship arrived; 12 January 1768, on board the Snow, "James and Mary" date the clerk reported and administered the oaths.
Religion:  Protestant

Will of James Martin (1729-1786) [Abstracted by Nancy Martin Adams, descendant]
In the name of God, Amen.  I, JAMES MARTIN of Wateree, being weak in body, but retaining my perfect senses, do declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. Viz, First I do give and bequeath to my beloved wife my negroe wench named Sue.  Also as much of the land on the place she now lives on as my executors shall think sufficient for her.  The negroe wench Sue to remain with her indivisible right and property forever, but the land only during the term of her widowhood.

I give to my two sons, WILLIAM and JOHN my plantation of 400 acres upon Little River, to be equally divided between them.   I do direct that the plantation which I presently occupy may be divided equally into two parts and I do give them to my two sons, JAMES and ANDREW, allowing JAMES to have which half pleases him, and the other half goes to my son ANDREW.   I leave to my daughter JANE one negroe girl named Jane Doley.

My stock plantation tools and outstanding debts I leave to be equally divided between my wife and my four sons, if such division can be made to the satisfaction of the parties concerned, but if that is found impractical I desire my Executors to make sale of them, and to divide the cash arising from the sale as such debts as can be got in, equally among them.

I do nominate and appoint Capt. HUGH SMITH, THOS JOHNSTON and DAVID CARNES to be Executors of this my Last Will and Testament.  Signed with my hand and Sealed this 19 September, 1781.  Witnesses: Joseph Millican, Robert Leavender, Sam’l McKee, James Martin (seal).

20 Sept. 1781.  As above, I, JAMES MARTIN do on act of the state I am in void of cash to supply my necessity do alter my will so far as that Mr. Robert Elison and John Milling have a right to sell and make good rights to the above Negroes Sue and Doley and use of their price as they may think most proper so as to pay Mr. Robert {holt??} Levindon a reasonable price for all his trouble and expense with me and the remains if any is to be put to interest for my children.  Witnesses: Wm. Bell, Robert Lavender.
James Martin (s)
Written on the back of this will: proved 9 July 1786, James Martin’s will.
This will was filed 9 Jan. 1786 by Pat Calhoun, J.P. Apt. 43, Pkg. 1530, Kershaw Co. SC.

1790 South Carolina census: [Don't know their identities positively; there were other Martin families in these counties also.]
James Martin-Fairfield Dist.-01-00-00-00-00, pg 020
John Martin-Fairfield Dist-02-04-03-00-00, pg 020
James Martin-Abbeville Dist-01-01-02-00-00, pg 057
James Martin-Edgefield Co-01-03-04-00-00, pg #067
Capt. John Martin-Edgefield Co-01-04-03-00-00, pg 067
William Martin-01-00-02-00-00-Edgefield Co-pg 063
William Martin-01-00-00-00-00-Edgefield Co-pg 067
William Martin-02-00-01-00-00-Edgefield Co-pg 022

Children of JAMES1 MARTIN and JANE------- are:

1. i.   WILLIAM2 MARTIN, b. 27 May 1755, County Antrim, Ireland; d. 08 May 1828, Edgefield SC; buried Dry Creek Bapt Church Saluda Co. SC; m. SARAH ROTTEN, 25 December 1777, SC; b. 22 December 1759, SC; d. 17 April 1844, Edgefield SC; buried Dry Creek Bapt Church Saluda Co. SC with marked tombstones.  William served in the Revolution from Edgefield Co. SC. and received a pension for his service.

Will of William Martin, Edgefield Co. SC, written 2 August 1827
[Abstracted by Thelma Faye Cain Prince from microfilm copy.
Punctuation was missing in this document and it has been a major frustration to researchers]

State of South Carolina, Edgefield District , In the Name of God, Amen.
I, WILLIAM MARTIN of this state and district, being in perfect mind and memory do make this my Last Will and Testament in the manner following

First I resign my soul into the hands of God who gave it to me and my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my family and after my debts are paid up.  I give unto my beloved wife SARAH MARTIN during her life or widowhood all my negroes named as follows Juda Pegge Isaac __ Mary Phillis July Bob, peter hannah Major Absolem Milly ___ ___ Nancy Dave prince Creasey ___ Sarah Ransom Tom Pompey and Amy with the rest of my personal property with my plantation and all my real estate unto the said Sarah Martin during her lifetime.

After her death Juda and her children and grandchildren likewise Absolem and Milly and their increase I give to my adopted son JOHN MARTIN, son of ANDREW MARTIN likewise my plantation and all my real estate with the tools appertaining hereunto with all my household and kitchen furniture.

The rest of my negroes to be sold at the death of my wife all but one negro named Dave which I give to JOHN MARTIN son of JAMES MARTIN and when the above negroes is sold the money arising from the sale to be divided between WILLIAM MARTIN son of JAMES MARTIN Senr and JAMES MARTIN son of ANDREW, MOSES MARTIN son of ANDREW MARTIN and JANE  ROXBROGH WILLIAM MARTIN son of ANDREW MARTIN and SINAH E. MARTIN  daughter of ANDREW MARTIN likewise WILLIAM MARTIN son of JOHN MARTIN Senr WILLIAM STILE son of BENJAMIN STILE

The above named WILLIAM MARTIN son of JAMES MARTIN Senr JAMES MARTIN son of ANDREW MARTIN MOSES MARTIN son of ANDREW MARTIN JANE ROSEBOROUGH WILLIAM MARTIN son of ANDREW MARTIN SINAH E. MARTIN daughter of ANDREW MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN son of JOHN MARTIN Senr WILLIAM STILE son of BENJAMIN STILE those legatees above mentioned to receive an equal part of the money arising from the sale of the said Negroes.  Those legatees above mentioned to receive an equal part of the money arising from the sale of the said negroes.

In witness of the above writing, I do hereunto set my hand and seal this 2 day of August 1827.  Signed, WILLIAM (his mark) MARTIN
Witnesses: Pryor Dozier, Thomas Dozier, John Parker.

JOHN MARTIN, admr. with the will annexed 2 June 1828
Box 18, Pkg 664, Probate Judge's Office, Edgefield, SC


V = Voucher
V: 1844 Pd. Magistrate and Appraisers   5.00 
V:1845 Pd. N.L. Griffin    20.00
V: 1845 Pd. J.C. Allen, auctioneer
V: J. Quattlebaum, clerk 

V:1845 Pd. Moses Martin share 534.31
V:1845 Pd. Wm. M. Still share 534.31
V: 1845 Pd. Wm. S. Martin share 267.15
V: 1845 Pd. Jas. M. Bradford, Admr
Wm A. Martin
V: 1845 Pd. by purchase of the interest in the estate of James Martin 534.31
Ordy for this Acct and Recording     3.25

This account examined and sworn to this 27 Jan. 1846 and find vouchers for the items marked V near the left hand margin.   O.E.C.  Signed/ John F. Martin
[From Edgefield Co. SC Probate Records, Apartment (Box) 53 Package 2223].

Bill Of Sale of the personal estate of WILLIAM MARTIN, deceased, sold by JOHN F. MARTIN, Admr. of said deceased, on the 7th January 1845:
William Mobley 1 Fellow Prince  $650.00
Benjamin Edwards 1 Fellow Sambo    600.00
William S. Martin 1 Fellow Ransom    590.00
Thomas Bradford 1 woman Nancy
1 woman Sarah & child Safrone
Thomas Bradford 1 Girl Harriet     355.00
Thomas Bradford 1 Boy Frank     215.00
Thomas Bradford 1 Boy Harrison     170.00
Levi Bledsoe 1 woman Crease &
child Nancy
Jesse M. Cogburn 1 girl Kate      350.00
Edward M. Sloan 1 girl Shady      325.00
William M. Still 1 girl Matilda      310.00
Levi Bledsoe 1 Boy Simeon      180.00
 Total:                                                                  $4540.00
I do certify the above to be a true record of the above named property as struck off by the cryer.  7 January 1845.  s/John Quattlebaum, Clerk [From Edgefield Co. SC Probate Records, Apt 53, Pkg. 2223]

Sarah R. Martin has a will in Edgefield Co. SC. in which John F. Martin is appointed executor and her sole heir.   She refers to him as her nephew, son of Andrew Martin.

Continued: Children of James 1Martin and Jane _____

2. ii. JOHN MARTIN, b. 1756, County Antrim, Ireland ; d. 1807 Edgefield Co., SC. m. SARAH ----- who administered his estate.
   iii. JANE MARTIN, b. 1757, County Antrim, Ireland.  She was alive in 1781 when her father wrote his will; died after 1781, United States, where? To whom was she married, if she married?  Did she have children?
3. iv. ANDREW MARTIN, b. 1759, County Antrim, Ireland ;d. 23 March 1814, Fairfield Co. SC.
4. v.  JAMES MARTIN, b. 1761, County Antrim, Ireland; d. 4 November 1834, Greene Co. AL.

Generation Two

2.  ii.  JOHN2 MARTIN (JAMES1) was born 1756 in Larne Ireland probably, and died 1807 Edgefield Co. SC.  He married SARAH ____ prior to 1783.  His estate was probated in Edgefield Co. SC., administrator, Sarah Martin.   A Sarah Martin also was the administrator of another John Martin, who died in Edgefield Co. SC in 1806.   The second Sarah Martin had a different mark than the first Sarah Martin,  so it is thought they were different Sarah Martins.

Here are the records discovered to date, April 26, 2000, researched by a descendant of Andrew Martin, John and Nancy Martin Adams, to whom I am indebted for the finding of these records.

ESTATE SETTLEMENT OF TWO JOHN MARTINS, DIED 1806 and 1807 [found in Box 42, Package 1717, Edgefield Co. SC Probate Records].

May 16, 1806.  Notice of Sarah Martin applying to administer the estate of John Martin.
June 6, 1806.  Administration Bond $1200 signed by Sarah Martin, Lewis Martin, Stephen Thomas.  Inventory due August 8.  Accounting due September 5.
June 6, 1806.  Warrant of appraisal issued to Obediah Henderson, James Hutchinson, John Brooknall and Peter Hill.  Appraisal due by next August 8.
June 11, 1806.  The above appraisers file their appraisal of 12 items for $253.00.
June 11, 1806.  Sarah certifies that she has signed the warrant and inventory.  Later, a remark is added to the document that she has signed the order for sale.
July 12, 1806.  Sarah files accounting of the sale of items similar to the above inventory, for $157.11 1/4.  Most items bought by Sally Martin.  Six other buyers, one of whom is Abraham Martin, buy one item each.

The estate below is thought to be our subject John Martin's estate:

February 14, 1807.  Notice of Sarah Martin applying to administer the estate of John Martin.
March 24, 1807.  Administration bond for $2000 is signed by Sarah Martin (her mark),
Benjamin Still, and David Still.  Inventory due by next May 22.  Accounting due by next June 26.  (There is a date of 1806 on this bond must be in error as it matches nothing that follows.)
March 24, 1807.  Warrant of Appraisal due by next May 22,  Named as appraisers are
David Still, William Rotten, Benjamin Loveless, and John Cockcroft.
April 15, 1807.  Still, Rotten, and Cockcroft file their appraisal of 27 items for $164.00.
April 20, 1807.  Sarah Martin petitions for an order of sale of personal estate.
May 9, 1807.  Sarah Martin files accounting of the sale of items similar to the above
inventory for $178.37 1/2.  Buyers at this sale, Sarah Martin, Benjamin Still, William Martin, John Permenter, and others.

Because of the close association of this John Martin with Benjamin Still, William Martin, John Cockcroft, Benjamin Loveless and William Rotten, all of who were neighbors and relatives of each other, it makes us suspect that this is the correct John Martin, son of James Martin of Wateree,  and brother of William Martin of the 1827 Edgefield Co. will.  Proof is found in the estate records of William Martin, Decatur Co. Ga. (#6)

Children of JOHN2 MARTIN and SARAH  are:

5.  i. JANE 3 MARTIN (JOHN,2 JAMES1) was born  26 June 1783, SC. and died 7 August 1866, Walton Co. Ga.  She married BENJAMIN STILL, son of Jane Jolly and John Still, Sr. of Edgefield Co. SC.  See Still family  http://www.oursouthernancestors.com/still-001.htmlfor more on Jane Martin Still, and for more on the Still family of Edgefield County, SC.


6.  ii.  WILLIAM MARTIN was born 7 February 1786, SC and died 5 December 1842, Walton Co. Ga.  He married _____ ______.  At the time of his death, he was visiting his sister Jane in Walton Co, and is buried there with a marked tombstone in the Still Family Cemetery.  All the dates for these two children are from the Jane Martin and Benjamin Still Family Bible (Copy of which is in Georgia Archives on microfilm).

Perhaps there are other children of this John Martin and Sarah, but the compiler has no knowledge of them at the present time.   The proofs for the two children above will be given later in this compilation under #6 William Martin.


3.  ANDREW2 MARTIN (JAMES1) was born 1759 in  County Antrim, Ireland, and died 23 March 1814 in Fairfield Co SC.   Research continues on the name of his wife.
Children of ANDREW2 MARTIN and ____ _____ are:
iii.  ELIZABETH MARTIN m. DAVID JOHNSTON {He was administrator of Andrew's estate}.  Mrs. Aycock, a descendant of Andrew Martin, who was researching this family in 1946 gave her name as Sarah Elizabeth.
 iv. WILLIAM MARTIN {Not identified at present}.
7. v. JOHN F. MARTIN, b. 31 December 1805, Edgefield Co. SC ; d. 07 February 1847, Edgefield Co. SC; buried Dry Creek Bapt, Saluda Co. m. SARAH COCKCROFT.


4. JAMES2 MARTIN (JAMES1) was born 1761 in Ireland, probably Larne, County Antrim, and died 04 November 1834 in Greene Co. AL. He married   MARGARET (?TURNER), who may be the daughter of James Turner and Sarah Young).  Proof of her name and her parents is needed.  Margaret was alive in 1834 when his will was written, and outlived William, the minor son.  However, contrary to the will, a male guardian, William S. Martin, was appointed for William after his father died in 1834.  Perhaps the law required a male guardian?

James appied for, underwent questioning, provided character witnesses for a Revolutionary War pension, which was granted in Greene Co. AL 1833.  He claimed he was born in 1760, but not sure.  He was 6 years old when his family arrived in Charleston in Dec. 1767.  Claimed his service was in Camden District, SC, serving five tours, the last being as substitute for someone's son, James.  He stated he lived in Fairfield SC at the time of the war and until about 1820, and in Greene Co. AL thereafter.

His estate was administered by William S. Martin, generally referred to as William Seaborn Martin, but the Seaborn has never been seen on legal documents.  A descendant of this William S. Martin is  "W. Terry Martin" <martin@lacollege.edu>.   How does he relate to this family?  William S. Martin was born in SC on 10 March 1805, died in Havana, AL in 1891.

The Will of James Martin (1761-1834) follows
[Greene Co. AL Will Book B:149
23 October 1834. ]


The State of Alabama In the name of God Amen, I James Martin of Greene County   the State and county aforesaid do make and declare this my last Will & Testament in manner and form following:

First I resign my soul into the hands of the Almighty God hoping and believing in a remission of my sins by the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ & my body I commit to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my executors hereinafter named and my worldly estate I give and devise as follows:  First I give and devise to my beloved wife Margarett all my land and Tenements in the county of Greene and State aforesaid to her and her own use and benefit.

I also give and bequeath to my wife Margaret all my negroes notes, bonds. money, horses, mules and all my property real and perishable that I now own or claim with the exception of all my lands in the County of Marengo and state aforesaid & five negroes (viz) Ioney a negro boy, Daniel a negro boy, Calvin a negro boy, Sam a negro boy & Maresh a negro girl, the same I will and bequeath to my youngest son William.

It is my wish and desire that all the property that I hereby will and bequeath to my son William shall remain in the hands of his mother who is my lawful wife until my son  William shall become of age that is to say twenty one years of age, and should his mother decease before my son William arrives to the age of twenty one, that he shall choose for himself some person to take his property into their care and charge for him when he shall arrive to the age of twenty one years which person shall go before the Judge of the County Court of Greene County & State aforesaid & then and there enter into bond and good security for his faithful performance as guardian for my son William.  It is my will and desire that my Executors shall as soon as convenient after my death collect all claims that may be due my estate and pay all just claims that I may owe or be indebted to any person or persons & lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint William S. Martin my Executor of this my last will and it hereby revoking all other former wills or testaments by me heretofore made.  In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23rd day of October in the year 1834.

Signed sealed published & declared as and for the last Will & Testament of the above named James Martin in the presence of us.

Daniel Lipscomb                   his
John P. Lipscomb    James   x    Martin (seal)
E.C. Field                             mark


page 40. Citation issue to Margaret Martin, widow of James Martin deceased, 8 December 1834

page 41  Citation issue to Thomas Bradford, James Bradford and John S. Gill, heirs of James Martin deceased, heirs in right of their wives to appear.  8 December 1834

page 41 Citation issue to Moses Martin of Marengo Co., Alabama, heir of James Martin deceased.  8 December 1834.  Citation issue to John F. Martin, heir of same.   Application of William S. Martin, who is appointed guardian of William Martin, a minor over 14, who chose him as guardian, he being an heir of James Martin, deceased .  James M. Bradford and Thomas Bradford, securities.

Abstracts by W. Terry Martin, 1974 (retyped April 2000)

I have two sets of children for James Martin, the first from Willie Bell Aycock, letters written in 1946; the second set from Nancy Martin Adams in 2000.  The second set is confirmed by records found to date.

Children of JAMES2 MARTIN and MARGARET----- are:
i.    SARAH3 MARTIN, m. J. CALHOUN.  She is unconfirmed as a child.
ii.   MARY MARTIN, m. J.K. DOUGLASS. Unconfirmed as a child.
iii.  ELIZABETH P. MARTIN.  Don't know if she is the same as Elizabeth below.
iv.  FRANCES MARTIN.  She married DR. D.L. DESNUSSURE, and had son DAN.  Unconfirmed.
 v.  JOHN MARTIN.  Probably the same person as John F. Martin below.
vi.  WILLIAM A. MARTIN, b. 1817, SC; d. 1842, Greene Co. Al.  Is the same as one below.


i.   JOHN F.3  MARTIN, born SC; died between 1837-1845 in Alabama.  He is the "John Martin, son of James Martin", who was left the slave Dave, in the 1827  Will of William Martin in Edgefield Co. SC.  His wife's name is unknown.  According to his brother William A. Martin's estate papers, an equal share went to each of William A.'s four sisters, and an equal share went to the sons of John F. Martin, named JAMES, WILLIAM, and ALEXANDER in January 1845.

Havana, Greene Co. Alabama

14 Dec. 1836.   I, John F. Martin, in consideration of the sum of $1500.00 paid to me by William S. Martin,  sell  a certain Negro man named David, a slave for life, who was some years ago willed to me, John F. Martin, by William Martin Sr. who deceased in Edgefield Co. in the state of South Carolina.  Said Negro man David is to remain in the possession of Sarah Martin, the widow of said William Martin, Sr., for her natural life, and then at Sarah’s death to go to John F. Martin.  Now, by this conveyance, after Sarah’s death David is to go to said William S. Martin, and  in witness I have set my hand and seal.  Signed John F. Martin.   (No witnesses given.  This is an abstract I found in Mrs. W. F. Aycock’s notes.)  This slave Dave was delivered to Wm. S. Martin on 10 January 1845.

ii.   ELIZABETH MARTIN, m. JAMES M. BRADFORD, 03 November 1830, Greene Co. AL.
iii.  SARAH Y. MARTIN, b. SC; m. MOSES MARTIN, Bef. June 1830, Greene Co. AL.  A deed of gift from James Martin (1761-1834) to the newborn son (James) of his daughter Sarah Y. Martin and Moses Martin.
iv.  JANE MARTIN, m. JOHN GILL, Bet. 1830 - 1835, Greene Co. AL.
v.   NANCY MARTIN, d. Aft 1851; m. THOMAS I. BRADFORD, 08 August 1831, Greene Co. AL.
vi.  WILLIAM A. MARTIN, b. 04 February 1817, SC; d. 16 August 1842, Greene Co. Al.  William A. Martin  is the "William Martin, son of James Martin" in his Uncle William Martin's 1827 will.  Guardian in 1834-1838, Greene Co. AL. was William S. Martin (1805, SC-1891AL) . William S. Martin's parents are unknown at present.    Dave, the slave mentioned in William Martin's will of 1827, was delivered to William S. Martin in AL, January 1845, also William S. Martin received a half share from the estate of William Martin (1755-1828) and the legacy for William A. Martin (1817-1842) was paid to William A.'s estate in January 1845.  James M. Bradford was administrator of William A. Martin's estate.

Greene Co. AL
20 Sept. 1842
Upon the application of James M. Bradford, it is ordained by the Court that he be appointed Administrator of the goods and chattels of William A. Martin deceased, upon his entering into bond for $1200, conditioned according to law with William S. Martin and John Elliott as his securities, having taken the Oath required by law, it is ordered by the Court that Letters of Administration be granted to James M. Bradford.
If you have any information about William S. Martin (b. 10 March 1805, SC; d.1891, Havana, AL) m. Susannah Hutchinson Elliott, daughter of John Elliott, please E-mail me or their descendant, William Terry Martin,"W. Terry Martin" <martin@lacollege.edu>

Generation No. 3

6.  WILLIAM 3 MARTIN (JOHN2, JAMES1) was born 7 February 1786 , in South Carolina, and died 5 December 1842 [Benjamin Still Bible], while visiting his sister, JANE MARTIN, wife of BENJAMIN STILL, in Walton County, Georgia [see Still  Family, http://www.oursouthernancestors.com/still-001.html].  It is said he died of pneumonia.  He is buried in the Still family cemetery in Walton County.  This William Martin spent his early life in Edgefield Co. SC.  He went to Georgia about 1821.

One of Andrew's Martin's descendants is in possession of this record which proves indirectly who William Martin's father was.  It did not come from the Decatur Co. Ga. courthouse originally, but is in the hands of a descendant of John F. Martin, son of Andrew Martin, at this time.   Evidently, John F. Martin died before he could have it registered at the courthouse, and it and other genealogical papers were passed down to the descendants of John Martin and his second wife, Harriet Raborn Martin.  That is why it was missing when I tried to get all of William Martin's estate records from Bainbridge, Ga. 20 years ago.  I have a photocopy of it which I abstract for you now:

John H. Martin received  on  1 May 1843  Letters of Administration on the estate of his deceased father, William Martin, deceased intestate of Decatur Co. Ga.  On the back of the Letters of Administration document, was a receipt which says, "Received 10 November 1846 of John F. Martin, administrator of William Martin late of Edgefield District , SC, five hundred and sixty six dollars and sixteen cents in full of the share of my father, William Martin, deceased late of Decatur County, Georgia in the estate of the said William Martin of Edgefield District and which is paid to me as the administrator of the said William Martin of Decatur County in the state of Georgia."

Going back to the will of William Martin of 1827, Edgefield Co. SC.  We now know that William Martin, son of John Martin, Sr., mentioned in that will, is William of Decatur County, Ga.  John F. Martin, Admr.  was the son of Andrew Martin as detailed before, but was the adopted son of his uncle, William Martin.

The following is recorded in the Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, 1842, p. 391:  21 Dec. 1842, three o'clock, P.M. Mr. Mitchell laid on the table the following resolution: Resolved, That his Excellency, the Governor, be, and he is hereby authorized and requested to pay out of the contingent fund, all expenses attending the burial of the Honorable WILLIAM MARTIN, a member of this House, from the county of Decatur, late deceased.  And be it further Resolved, That, in testimony of the respect due to the memory of our associate, his Excellency, the Governor, be, and he is hereby authorized and required to have the grave of the said WILLIAM MARTIN, enclosed with a suitable monumental tomb; and that he pay for the same also out of the contingent fund.  Which was read and agreed to."

The inscription on the tomb of William Martin in Still cemetery reads as follows: "This Stone is erected to the memory of WILLIAM MARTIN, Esqr., who departed this life during the Session of the General Assembly of 1842, while representing the County of Decatur.  This token of regard for his Patriotism was decreed by resolution of the body of which he was a worthy member."

The Still cemetery is just off Bold Springs Road and Monroe Road, north of Monroe, Georgia.  Come southeast from Bold Springs, Georgia about 2 miles to the old Benjamin Still plantation, now the home of Radford Still.  About one-fourth mile before you get to the home, turn on a woods road to the right, and go about 1 mile to the cemetery.   Road dead ends at the cemetery.

The following write-up on William Martin was in my 1985 book, Our Southern Ancestors.
The 1824 Decatur County tax digest, Capt. Carson's District, shows John Martin and William Martin.  The 1825 tax digest shows William Martin with 2 lots in Bainbridge for $52.  William Martin, J.P., performed the first marriage in Decatur County; the first marriage license was issued 17 October 1824.

William Martin was among the early settlers at Attapulgas, Georgia, and in 1841 he was a trustee of Attapulgas Academy, along with a James E. Martin.  William Martin was Commissioner of District #2 at the first term of the Inferior Court in Decatur County, September, 1824.  He was Sheriff from 1834-36, and again from 1838-40 in Decatur County.  He and Elias Camp were the representatives from Decatur County in the General Assembly in 1842 [Frank S. Jones, History of Decatur County, Georgia: 213-14, 233, 244, 246, 251, 253 259, 261-62].

Mrs. Lester P. Schaap (Ruth Bledsoe), Walhalla, S.C. 29691, (now deceased), a great-great-granddaughter of William Martin, has provided the compiler with some interesting information on him and his family through letters written to the compiler in 1981-83, from which the following excerpts have been made.

"My mother, NEATTIE ADAMS, born 12 October 1876, married DAVID L. BLEDSOE.  She was the daughter of JOHN HUTCHINSON ADAMS and ELIZABETH KNIGHT.  The mother of John H. Adams was SARAH MARTIN who married (1) WILLIAM ADAMS, 11 March 1824, Early County, Georgia.  Soon after they moved to Jefferson County, Florida, where William Adams died in 1837.  Sarah moved back to Decatur County after her husband's death to be near her father, WILLIAM MARTIN, and her brother, JOHN HUTCHINSON MARTIN.

"When William Martin died in 1842, John H. Martin was appointed to settle his estate, but before the William Martin estate was completed, John H. Martin died intestate.  I don't have his exact date of death.  Sarah finished settling up the William Martin estate.  She paid to her self 1/3 of all money collected, to a NANCY MARTIN 1/3, and to Uncle John's family 1/3 part.”

"Great-grandmother, SARAH ALDERMAN, who had married a second time, and a JOHN HUTCHINSON were appointed to settle the John H. Martin estate, 7 July 1856, Decatur Co.  There was a John Hutchinson whom my mother, uncles, and aunts, called Uncle John.  He and his family operated the Hutchinson Ferry on Flint River, where people cross from Georgia into Florida in the early days.  I think, but have no proof, that William Martin's first wife was a Hutchinson.  I found no marriage record on William or his son, John H. Martin, in the Bainbridge records.  I think William Martin was married twice.”

{Compiler's note;  The Decatur County History Book by Frank Jones says John Hutchinson who operated the Flint River Ferry and who lived in Recovery, 21 miles southwest of Bainbridge, near Atapulgas, was a first cousin of Andrew Jackson, the President.  I looked up Andrew's parents who came from Ireland and they were Elizabeth Hutchinson, b. 1740 and Andrew Jackson, Sr., b. 1730.  Andrew, Jr. was born in 1767 in S.C.}

"There is a record in Early County showing that William Martin was a J.P., 1 Nov. 1822.  Decatur Co. was created from Early Co., 6 Dec. 1823. A land record in Early County shows that William Martin bought land, Lot #65, Dist. 20, from Augustine Edwards of Elbert Co., 23 Jan. 1821.  An Ordinary Court record shows ... 'it is ordered that WILLIAM MARTIN have custody of MARTHA CURRY, orphan of SAMUEL CURRY, dec’d, until the lst Jan next year, and that he be suitably compensated for his trouble'.  Early Co. Ga.  Minutes Bk A:18, dated 11 July 1823.

"WILLIAM MARTIN is listed in the 1830 Decatur census.
Males: 1, 40-50 yrs;l, 15-20 yrs; 1, 20-30 yrs; 1, 30-40 yrs.
Females: 1, 30-40 yrs; 1, 60-70 yrs; 3 slaves.

"His son, JOHN MARTIN, was 30-40 yrs in 1840 and had 1 male under 5 yrs and females: 1 under 5 yrs and 1, 20-30 yrs; no slaves.

'In 1850, JOHN MARTIN, HH#560, 43 yrs, b. Ga.
No wife listed, only 1 male, JABIS MARTIN, age 10, b. Ga.

In 1860, SARAH ALDERMAN, age 54, b. S.C." No 1840 census for William Martin, Sarah were given.  No 1850 census on Sarah was given.

"I have a copy of the House Resolution on 9 December 1842: 'Be it Resolved that the foregoing preamble and resolutions be entered on the Journals, and a copy of them  be transmitted by the Clerk to the widow and family of the deceased.  The widow, or perhaps daughter of William Martin, was NANCY MARTIN, who later married WILLIAM CHESTER of Attapulgas, at Uncle John Martin's objections, due to Mr. Chester's heavy debts."

The inventory and appraisement of WILLIAM MARTIN's estate is found in Decatur County, Georgia Sales Bk B: 191-93.  Estate was valued at $11,244.  He owned land  in  Decatur County as follows: Lots # 143, 144, 145,  and 175 all in 20th District; also, 165 ac.  Lot #244, l5th dist, 9acs Lot #241,  140 ac.  Lot # 241, 15th Dist.; 96 ac. Lot # 196, 63 ac. Lot #298, 61 ac. #178, 5 ac. #297 and 1 Lot of land #181, all in 12th Dist.

Ruth Bledsoe Schaap owned the Bible of Sarah Martin Adams Alderman, from which the following birthdates, deathdates, and the children of Sarah and William Adams are compiled, along with other data included in letters.


8. SARAH4 , b. 11 Feb. 1806, S.C.; d. 7 Mar. 1882, Decatur Co.; m. (1) WILLIAM
ADAMS (2)  ______  ALDERMAN.  See later.
9.  JOHN HUTCHINSON, b. ca. 1807, Ga., according to 1850 Decatur Co. census; wife's name unk; d. prior July, 1856, Decatur Co., Ga.  Living next door to Sarah Martin Alderman in the 1850 Baker Co. FL census.

One known child, JABEZ (JABIS) MARTIN, b. 14 Aug. 1840;  died 12 Jan. 1874, Attapulgus, Ga; m. (1)  LIZZIE IDA BIRD, 12 Sept. 1861 in Marianna, Jackson
County, Fl.  She was born 27 Nov. 1840 in Monticello, Fl.;  d. abt. 1862, Attapulgus, Ga.  (2)  MARTHA ANN CAROLINE SHORES, 8 Feb. 1866, Decatur County, Ga.;
She was born 23 Aug.1842 in Albany, Ga.;  died Feb. 1921 in Attapulgus, Ga.  Buried in Old Strickland Cemetery, Decatur Co. Ga.
       Children of Jabez and Martha
       Ira Warren Martin;    27 Oct. 1866
Lizzie Ida Martin; 2 March 1868  {information from Robin Adams & Mac Martin}
Jabez Martin was on the muster roll, First Sergeant, Company A, Hood's Battalion, from 3 Oct 1862 to Dec 9 1863.  Robin Adams <adamone@brantleytel.net>


7.  JOHN F.3  MARTIN (ANDREW,2  JAMES1) born 31 December 1805 in Edgefield Co. SC, and died 07 February 1847 in Edgefield Co.  He married (1) SARAH COCKCROFT 16 October 1827 in Edgefield Co.SC, daughter of JOHN COCKCROFT and MARY STILL [see http://www.oursouthernancestors.com/still-001.html].  She was born 15 May 1804 in Edgefield Co.SC, and died 24 February 1838 in Edgefield Co. SC; buried Dry Creek Bapt, Saluda Co.  He married (2) HARRIET SUSAN RABORN 21 November 1839 in SC, daughter of JOHN RABORN and SUSANNAH LOVELESS.  Harriet was born 14 January 1817 in Aiken, SC.

Transcription, done by a descendant Nancy Martin Adams in 1999, of a letter written by John F. Martin:

Alabama, Macon Co.April 26th 1846
" Dear wife, I take this opportunity to in form you that we are in tolerable good health at present hoping that these few lines may find you all InJoying the same blessing John L Raborn is in tolerable good health he talks of pedling I expect to start to Floriday next Tusday and I cant tell how long I will be on the rode I want to take a good loock at the country crops looks Tolelrably well considering the wet and cold spring the wheat and oats looks well wheat is all headed out and some turning oats is from nea to waste highcorn from half leg to nea high we are choping out our cotton but it looks badTell James to push hed with his crop and tell him to gow to the cort house and get them letters out of the offis I see one advertised and tell him to ask for advertised lettersI will write to you when I get in Florida.I expect to gow and see cosin William Martins people   Tell Uncle John Rotten that all his people is well except Henry wife and she is better than she was nothing more at present But Remaining your affectionate husband

John F Martin "

 John F. Martin was raised by his father's brother, William Martin [b. 1755] and his wife, Sarah Rotten.  See the will of William Martin, 1827, Edgefield Co. SC.   It is thought the F in his name stands for Fears, but no records with his middle name spelled out have been found.  His son was named James Fears Martin.

Will of John F. Martin recorded Edgefield Co. SC  in Will Book D, page 291-292. Feb. 15, 1847.
Notes for HARRIET SUSAN RABORN:  Member of Dry Creek Baptist Church.


10. i. WILLIAM ANDREW4 MARTIN, b. 19 May 1828, Edgefield Co. SC; d. 27 November 1909, Union Springs, Bullock Co. AL.
   ii. JAMES FEARS MARTIN, b. 25 October 1829, Edgefield Co SC; d. 23 November 1915, Bullock Co. AL; m. ELLEN JANE [ELIZA] LOVELACE, 25 October 1853, Macon Co. AL.
  iii. JANE ELIZABETH MARTIN, b. 04 April 1831, Edgefield Co SC; d. July 1878, Bullock Co. AL; m. WILLIAM DUNKIN HOOKS, 13 December 1849.
  iv. JOHN BRYANT MARTIN, b. 27 July 1832, Edgefield Co SC; d. 16 September 1900, Brewton, AL; m. SUSAN HOOKS, Abt. 1855.
  v. MOSES ELIJAH MARTIN, b. 08 January 1835, Edgefield Co SC; d. 18 May 1848, Sardis, Bullock Co. AL.  Accidentally shot and killed by his brother William Andrew Martin, who mistook him for a robber or prowler.
 vi. THOMAS DAVID MARTIN, b. 14 May 1836, Edgefield Co SC; d. 07 June 1861, Sardis, Bullock Co. AL.

Children of JOHN3 MARTIN and HARRIET RABORN are:

  vii. SARAH ANN4 MARTIN, b. 31 August 1840, Edgefield Co SC; d. 18 June 1895; m. (1) HENRY SLAUGHTER; m. (2) UNKNOWN STRONG.
 viii. JOSEPH ABNEY MARTIN, b. 12 June 1842, Edgefield Co SC; d. TN during the Civil War.
  ix. SUSANAH ISABELLA MARTIN, b. 16 May 1844, Edgefield Co SC; d. 04 September 1915, Bullock Co. AL; m. JOHN L. CHILDS, 01 January 1877, Bullock Co. AL.
  x. OSMOUS WATSON MARTIN, b. 15 August 1845, Edgefield Co SC; d. 09 January 1889, Sardis, Bullock Co. AL; m. (1) NARCISSA A. BROOKS, 1867, Bullock Co. AL; m. (2) OCTAVIA A. MCGEE, 28 March 1872, Union Springs, Bullock Co. AL.
 xi. HARRIET AMANDA MARTIN, b. 01 March 1847, Edgefield Co SC; d. 26 February 1902; m. JOHN STRONG.


8. SARAH4 MARTIN (William3, JOHN2 JAMES1), born 11 February 1806, South Carolina; died 7 March 1882, Iron City, Decatur County, Ga. at the home of her son, JOHN HUTCHINSON ADAMS.  She is buried Union Primitive Baptist Cemetery, north of Iron City, in Miller Co. Ga.  She married (1) WILLIAM ADAMS (b. 12 May 1800; d. 15 Nov. 1837, Jefferson County, Florida), on 11 March 1824, Early County, Georgia.  She married (2)___  ALDERMAN.  No issue by Mr. Alderman.  She joined Prosperity Primitive Baptist, Decatur Co. Ga. on March 18, 1843.

" I thought that this might be of interest to you;  Daddy had a small trunk (very old) at home that we kept pictures and a few other "keepsakes" in.  One of the items was a gourd, round, not like a ball, but flat on the top and bottom.  The top had been cut for a lid, part of the vine (stem) had been left for a handle. William Adams and wife, Sarah Martin, used it to hid money in from the Indians, burying it in the ground".  From descendant, Robin Adams <adamone@brantleytel.net>

Sarah Martin Adams Alderman ran the Cheevers town ferry on the Flint River, Baker Co. Ga.  This where her son Choice Hall Adams drowned, along with two slaves.  She is found in the 1850 Baker Co. Ga. census next door is her brother John H. Martin:
    Sarah Alderman, 40 yrs, b. SC
    Colson, 9, b. FL; Sylvania 17, FL; Francis, 15, FL; John, 11, FL; Joyce, 22, FL;  Choice H., 22, FL; Mary, 21, FL; Sylvania, 4 mos, FL.
Shown as the neighbors of Sarah were: M. H. Martin and James Martin, (don't know any relation).

In the 1850 Baker C0. Ga. census:
Jonathan, 25, FL, his wife, Martha and daughter Catherine, 2 boys aged 9 and 4 with last name Kinney and a Dean male, age 18.  (The 1850 Baker Co. census from Retah Herring and Robin Adams.  "Retah Herring" <3rrrs1@surfsouth.com>


JONATHAN NELSON5, b. 13 Feb. 1825; d. 3 Feb. 1865; killed in battle.
 WILLIAM MARTIN, b. 12 Aug. 1826.
 CHOICE HALL, b. 7 June 1828; d. 15 Nov. 1851.
 COLSON, b.1 May 1830.
 LOUISA SILVANIA, b. 24 Feb. 1832.
 CATHERINE, b. 11 Feb. 1834; d. 17 Aug. 1840.
 FRANCIS MARION, b. 27 Feb. 1836.
JOHN HUTCHINSON, b. 27 Apr. 1838; d. 27 Jan. 1907, Iron City, Decatur Co.; m.

Generation No. 4

10. WILLIAM ANDREW 4 MARTIN (JOHN F.3, ANDREW,2  JAMES1)  was born 19 May 1828 in Edgefield Co. SC, and died 27 November 1909 in Union Springs, Bullock Co. AL.He married (1) NANCY ELIZABETH STROM 18 March 1848 in Pike Co. AL.  She was born 28 August 1826 in Edgefield Co SC, and died 08 August 1863 in what became Bullock Co. AL in 1868.  He married (2) NANCY HOOKS 17 October 1868 in Bullock Co. AL.  She was born 16 March 1840, and died December 1917.  Military service: Lt; 3rd AL Regt.Civil War.  Residence: Union Springs, AL

Children of WILLIAM 4 MARTIN and NANCY STROM are:

     i. JOHN ELIJAH5 MARTIN, b. 10 April 1849; d. 13 March 1928; m. JESSIE LOVELACE, 22 December 1881.  Occupation: Medical Doctor
     ii. SARAH JANE MARTIN, b. 10 January 1851; d. April 1853.
11. iii. WILLIE LUCY MARTIN, b. 19 May 1853, Macon Co. AL; d. 08 August 1893, Bullock Co. AL.
   iv. MARY ELIZABETH MARTIN, b. 01 January 1856; d. April 1858.
   v. MOSES JAMES MARTIN, b. 20 July 1858; m. AMY HOOKS.
  vi. SUSANNAH AMANDA MARTIN, b. 15 November 1860; m. CHARLES F.    RANKIN.
 vii. NANCY MARTIN, b. 08 August 1863; d. February 1864.

Children of WILLIAM4  MARTIN and NANCY HOOKS are:

viii. LEWIS BRYANT5 MARTIN, b. 1871; d. 17 January 1917; m. LOLA REYNOLDS.
 ix. FLORA BELLE MARTIN, b. 07 April 1872; m. WILLIAM HARRIS.
 xii. MAGGIE JANE MARTIN, b. 1880; d. January 1914.

Generation No. 5

11.   WILLIE LUCY5 MARTIN (WILLIAM ANDREW4 JOHN F.3, ANDREW,2  JAMES1) was born 19 May 1853 in Macon Co. AL, and died 08 August 1893 in Bullock Co. AL.  She married RICHARD LEWIS WILLIAMS 11 November 1873 in Bullock Co. AL.  He was born 18 April 1851 in Macon Co. AL, and died 19 August 1903 in Bullock Co. AL.


 12. THEODORE ERNEST6 WILLIAMS (WILLIE LUCY5 MARTIN, WILLIAM ANDREW4JOHN F.3, ANDREW2, JAMES1)  was born 06 November 1874 in Bullock Co. AL, and died 12 February 1929 in Selma, AL.  He married ELIZABETH LOUISE BELL 22 March 1895.  She was born 04 December 1872 in Greenvile, AL, and died 04 May 1946 in Selma, AL.


 i. WILLIE BELL7 WILLIAMS, b. 18 August 1896, Brewton, AL; d. Aft. 19 February 1947, probably Selma AL; m. WILLIAM FRANCIS AYCOCK; b. 23 October 1878, Homer, AL.

My compilation is partially based on the notes and dates which Mrs. W.F. Aycock, Selma, AL, compiled in 1947 and from her pedigree chart written by her in 1946.  Also, I have received notes and dates and research from John Richard Williams, a nephew of Mrs. Aycock; and from Nancy Martin Adams, a descendant of John F. Martin and Sarah Cockcroft.  Also I have researched the Still- Martin Line for 21 years myself.

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