Descendants of Micajah Clark

Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince
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Descendants of Micajah Clark

Generation No. 1

1.MICAJAH1CLARK was born in England, and died in Va. He married SALLY ANN MOORMAN, daughter of ZACHARIAH MOORMAN and MARY CANDLER. She was born 1662, and died 1690 in Va.

2. i.   CHRISTOPHER2 CLARK, b. Abt. 1681, Nansemond Co. Va.; d. Bef. May 28, 1754, Louisa Co. Va..
3. ii.   FRANCIS CLARK, SR., b. Abt. 1683; d. 1769.

Generation No. 2

2.CHRISTOPHER2 CLARK (MICAJAH1) was born Abt. 1681 in Nansemond Co. Va., and died Bef. May 28, 1754 in Louisa Co. Va.. He married PENELOPE JOHNSON Abt. 1709 in New Kent Co. Va. She was born August 04, 1684 in New Kent Co. Va.

Quaker; large land owner in Louisa Co. Va. and obtained grants in Albemarle in 1732 [ Woods History of Albemarle Co. Va]. Christopher and son Bowling took out patents on Totier Creek. This book said he had sons, John and Christopher, but no source was given.

Some researchers think Penelope was a Bowling or Bolling, and others think she was the daughter of Edward Johnson. Some researchers think Christopher's parents were Edward and Hanna Clark, with Micajah Clark and Sally Moorman as his grandparents. Some think Micajah Clark and Sally Moorman were his parents.

Christopher's Will, Louisa Co. Va., dated 14 Aug 1741; probated 28 May 1754. Children named in the will: Edward, Agnes Johnson, Rachel Moorman, Sarah Lynch, Micajah, Bowling, Elizabeth Anthony, granddaughter, Penelope Lynch, wife Penelope Clark.

From the Small Book, 1734-1735, of Hanover Co. Va:

Jan. 1733. James X Robinson, of St. Martin's Parish, to Matt Anderson of St. Paul's Parish for 5 shillings 1326 acres both sides East Creek (reserving 100 acres of the above, which was sold by Christopher Clarke to Jno. Estes), Barttalot Anderson-D. Clerk

December 1734. Christopher Clarke Gent. to John Moore Planter John Snead bond (Rich'd Richardson, Jr. & Anthony Pouncey) Adm on what was not administered by Matt Snead exec. of Alexander.

1734. Christopher Clarke (Michael Holland), adm. on Robt. Houet, dec'd.

Occupation: Planter; Gentleman
Religion: Quaker
Residence: 1728-1754-lived in Louisa Co. Va.

Religion: Quaker

  i.   EDWARD3 CLARK, b. 1710; d. 1783.
  Notes forEDWARD CLARK:
Never Married 
  ii.   AGNES CLARK, b. 1712; d. 1754; m. BENJAMIN JOHNSON, 1728, probably Hanover Co. Va..
  iii.   RACHEL CLARK, b. 1714; d. June 10, 1792; m. (1) THOMAS MOORMAN, January 12, 1729/30, Camp Creek Meeting House, Va.; m. (2) THOMAS BALLARD, August 25, 1768.
  iv.   SARAH CLARK, b. 1716; m. CHARLES LYNCH, 1733.
  Notes forSARAH CLARK:
Sarah married (2) John Ward. 
4. v.   MICAJAH CLARK, SR., b. September 16, 1718, Hanover Co. Va.; d. July 21, 1808, Albemarle Co. Va..
5. vi.   BOWLING CLARK, b. February 15, 1719/20, Hanover Co. Va.; d. 1813, SC.
6. vii.   ELIZABETH CLARK, b. February 15, 1721/22, probably New Kent Co. Va.; d. 1813, Ga..

3.FRANCIS2 CLARK, SR. (MICAJAH1) was born Abt. 1683, and died 1769. He married CORDELIA LANKFORD.

  i.   JOHN3 CLARK.
7. ii.   CHRISTOPHER CLARK, b. 1723; d. 1790.
  iii.   FRANCIS CLARK, JR., b. 1721; m. CHRISTINA STONE.

Generation No. 3

4.MICAJAH3CLARK, SR. (CHRISTOPHER2MICAJAH1) was born September 16, 1718 in Hanover Co. Va., and died July 21, 1808 in Albemarle Co. Va.. He married JUDITH ADAMS October 1735 in perhaps Goochland Co. Va., daughter of ROBERT ADAMS and MOURNING LEWIS. She was born October 1710 in Va., and died in Ga.

Information from Linda Starr and Doug Tucker.

Residence: Moved to GA. after the death of her husband

8. i.   CHRISTOPHER4 CLARK, b. April 20, 1737, Va.; d. Bef. March 17, 1803, Elbert Co. GA.
  ii.   ROBERT CLARK, b. August 15, 1738; d. 1816, KY; m. SUSANAH HENDERSON, Abt. 1760.
Military: Rev. Soldier
  iii.   MOURNING CLARK, b. August 06, 1740; d. 1744.
9. iv.   MICAJAH CLARK, JR., b. February 27, 1741/42; d. 1774, Albemarle Co. Va..
  v.   JOHN CRAVEN CLARK, b. December 26, 1745, Va.; d. 1819; m. MARY MOORE, February 21, 1767.
Birthdate of John Clark comes from a Bible Record in Va. State Library 
Military: Rev. soldier
  vi.   PENELOPE CLARK, b. October 07, 1747; m. (1) REUBEN ROLAND; m. (2) JONATHAN SAUNDERS.
  vii.   BOLLING CLARK, JR., b. December 04, 1751, Va.; d. December 04, 1818, Campbell Co. Va.; m. ELIZABETH CHEADLE, April 27, 1791.
10. viii.   ELIZABETH"BETSY" CLARK, b. June 14, 1754, Va.; d. Ga..
  ix.   JAMES CLARK, b. January 16, 1757; d. Aft. November 06, 1802, Campbell Co. Va.; m. LUCY CHEADLE, 1785.
  x.   WILLIAM CLARK, b. September 04, 1760; d. 1800, Albemarle Co. Va.; m. (1) ELIZABETH ALLEN; m. (2) JUDITH WOODSON CHEADLE, Abt. 1782.
11. xi.   JUDITH CLARK, b. December 13, 1749; d. 1798.

5.BOWLING3CLARK (CHRISTOPHER2,MICAJAH1) was born February 15, 1719/20 in Hanover Co. Va., and died 1813 in SC. He married WINIFRED BUFORD Abt. 1742. She was born 1724.

1743: Christopher and son, Bowling, were named overseers of the Sugarloaf Friends Monthly Meeting (Quaker), in Albemarle Co. Va.
1754: Edward and Bowling Clark were overseers of the Friend's South River Meeting House, located on Lynch's Branch of Blackwater Creek, three or four miles from Lynchburg. (Woods. Edgar. History of Albemarle Co. Va. 1901]

Bowling's deathdate comes from the Margery Rogers Clark Bible. 1838.

Most of Christopher's children removed to Bedford Co. Va., now Campbell Co. Va.

1765: New Garden Monthly Meeting, Guilford Co. NC, where Bowling and Winifred moved by this time. Their son, Jonathan's Revolutionary War Claim says they moved to Surry Co. NC by 1773. Three of Bowling and Winifred's sons were granted land on Tom's Creek between 1780-1784. Bowling was taxed there for 107 acres , 1 horse, 13 cattle, 1782 tax list.

From Surry Co. NC Deed Books, A, B, C, compiled by Mrs. W.O. Absher, G.R.S.:

B:98. 24 May 1780. William Daniel, goldsmith to Micajah Clark, 1000 pds, 100 ac both sides Toms Creek, called Balls Mill Improvement. No witnesses. Signed William Daniel.

B:218, 219. 5 Nov. 1782. Spencer Ball, Edgecomb Co. NC to Micajah Clark, 280 pds 640 ac both sides Tom's Creek. Wit: Robert Harris, Orman Morgan, David Clark. Signed Spencer Ball.

B:351. 13 Oct 1783. N.C. Grant to John Johnson 150 acs waters Tararat River. Also N.C. Grant to John Johnson 150 ac Woolf's Creek; adj. John Dunnagan.

B:352. 13 Oct. 1783. N.C. Grant to Jonathan Clark 107 ac Pilot Creek.

C:126. 3 Nov. 1784. N.C. Grant to Micajah Clark 200 ac Toms Creek.

C:127. 3 Nov. 1784. N.C. Grant Micajah Clark 400 ac S Double Creek adj. Benajah King.

C:127, 128. 3 Nov. 1784. N.C. Grant Micajah Clark 200 ac Chinkopin Creek adj. a ridge.

C:187. 1 Sept. 1784. John Johnson to Moses Linvill 50 pds 150 ac Woolf Creek adj. John Dunnagan. Wit: Macj. Clark, James Chapman. Signed John Johnson.

C:238. 3 Nov. 1784. N.C. Grant to David Clark 205 ac Toms Creek.

C:407. 29 Mar. 1785. David Clark to David Ballard 36 pds 205 ac waters Toms Creek. Wit: Norman Ballard, Daniel Beals, William Forkner. Signed David Clark.

C:256, 257. 18 Apr. 1785. Micajah Clark to Daniel Bailes 60 pds 160 ac both sides Toms Creek adj. said Clark. No wit. Signed Mijh Clark.

C:256. 10 May 1785. Micajah Clark to James McKinney 40 pds 200 ac both sides Chinkepin Creek. No witnesses. Signed, Mijh Clark.

C:312. 2 Aug. 1785. Reuben Matthis, 96th Dist. S.C. to Benjamin Humphries 100pds 200ac Forkners Creek incl William Forkners old improvement whereon George Reed now lives. Wit: David Clark, Job (x) Lazebery, Boling Clark. Signed Reuben Matthis.

C:453. 26 July 1786. Micajah Clark to Joseph Hiatt 50 pds 200ac Chestnut Creek, waters Toms Creek; state grant sd Clark 3 Nov 1784. Wit: Joseph Jessep, David Ballard, Joseph Clark. Signed Micj'h Clark.

By 1790 96th District, SC and 1800 Pendleton District, SC censuses (they did not move, the governing area changed), John Johnson (son-in-law of Bowling) appears and a couple of the right age and gender to be Bowling and Winifred Clark. Also there are sons of Bowling: Micajah, David, Jonathan, and Joseph.

The following deeds of Bowling and his sons are from Abstracts of Deeds found in Pendleton Dist. SC, 1790-1806, compiled by Betty Willie.

18 Sept. 1789. David Clarke of Pendleton Co. to Samuel Harper of Spartenburg Co. SC for L200. 270 acres on Keowee River, surveyed for James Gillison by Wm. Lesley, D.S., bounded by river, vacant land. Wit: William Jamison, James Abbet, Hance Harper. William Jamison made oath to Robt. McCann, J.P., 16 Nov. 1798.

29 Nov. 1789. Henry Pearson, 96th Dist, to Benjamin Craig. Pendleton Co. for L10 for 457 acres in 96th Dist. on 26 Mile Creek of Savannah River, granted 4 Dec 1786. Wit: Jonathan Clark, Anthony Golding, Mary (x) Person. Rec. 16 Apr 1798.

14 Dec. 1789. Benjamin Craig to Randolph Hunicutt for L100 for 457 acres in 96th Dist. on 26 Mile Creek of Savannah River, granted 4 Dec. 1786. Signed, Benja. Clark. Wit: Jonathan Clarke, David Clarke, Charity (c) Clarke. Rec. 17 Apr 1798.

6 Aug. 1790. Jonathan Clark, 96th Dist., planter, to George Forbes, of same, planter, for L(pounds) 200, 140 acres in 96th Dist. on Twenty Six Mile Creek, waters of Savannah River, bounded by David Clark, Bolen, Clark, Canady, James
Long. Wit: David Clark, John McMahn, Hugh McVey. Plat included. Recorded 30 May 1791

14 Aug. 1792. David Clark to Hugh McVay for L25 (amount of acreage blank] on 26 Mile Creek of the Savannah River, bounded by James ____, James Long, Jonathan Clark, Boling Clark, rec. Bk C, p. 539 on 5 July 1791. Wit: Matthew Parker, Joseph Clark, Thos. Abbott, Hugh McVay assigned over within tract to Thomas Risener in the presence of William Golding, Joseph Clark made oath to Robt McCann, J.P. 4 Dec. 1802. Rec. 7 Dec. 1802.

10 Aug. 1793. John Hunnicutt, planter, to John Morrow for L100 for 227 acres, surveyed by Jonathan Clark, granted 7 Sept 1789 by Charles Pinckney. Recorded Bk ZZZZ, on 26 Mile Creek of Savanah River, bounded on E. by David Clark and lands unknown. Wit: Andrew Warnock, David Smith. Rec. 24 Aug. 1797.

10 May 1795. Jonathan Clark to Micajah Clark for L50 for 158 acres on S. branch of Hurricane of Saluda River, where Micajah Clark now lives, part of 212 acres granted Jonathan Clark by Wm. Moultrie, 4 Dec. 1786. Recorded Bk. PPPP, p. 197. Wit: James Clark, John Johnson, Josiah Johnson. John Johnson made oath to Robt. McCann, 19 May 1798......Jenny Clark, wife of Jonathan Clark, released dower to John Wilson, JP., 27 Nov. 1798. Rec. 27 Nov. 1798.

11 Jul. 1795. David Clarke to William Bodenhammer for L 80 for 200 acres on Hurricane Creek, granted Clarke, 21 Jan 1785, bounded on W. by John Johnson and vacant land; also, 127 acres adj. tract granted Johathan Clarke, 4 Dec 1786... Signed, sealed, and delivered to James Wilburn, lawful attorney for William Bodenhammer. Wit: James Anderson, James Wilburn, Thomas Coker. James Anderson made oath to John Willson., J.P. 11 July 1795.

Boling Clark for L50 sold to Jonathan Clark, 320 Acres (later says 200 acs) on 23 Mile Creek, where Jonathan now lives, granted to Boling Clark, 21 June 1785 by Benj. Guerard, recorded Bk. AAAA, (no Page #), on Line to branch that runs between two plantations where Jonathan and Joseph Clark now live. Date 8 May 1796. Wit; Josiah Johnston, Jepthae Johnston. Boling Clark witnessed receipt. Josiah Johnston made oath to John Willson, J.P. 16 June 1796. Rec. 8 Feb. 1803.

Hugh McVay for L40 sold sold to Thomas Risener 85 acres, 26 Mile Creek of the Savannah River, bounded by Jonathan Clark, James Long and Boling Clark. Recorded Bk C, p. 539 (Pendleton Co. ?), 5 July 1791. Date: 17 May 1796. Wit: Joseph Clark, Mary (x) Clark, Fanny (x) McVay. Joseph Clark made oath to Robt. McCann, J.P. 4 Dec. 1802. Rec. 7 Dec. 1802.

5 Nov. 1796. David Clark to John Grissom for L65 for 262 acres on Keowee River, granted Clark, 2 Jan 1792 by Chas. Pinckney. Wit: Rattliff Boon, Balaam Mauldin. Ratliff Boon made oath to W.W. Reid, JP, 15 May 1798. Rec. 22 May 1798.

3 Sept 1796. William Skelton and Patty, his wife, to William Harkness for L34 for 100 acres bounded by John Files, Samuel Henry, Samuel Deen, Jeremiah Files,, on Mountain Creek, branch of Big Generostee, part of a tract granted David Clark, 5 Feb. 1787 by Wm Moultrie. Recorded Bk. PPPP, p. 62. Signed: William Skelton, Patty (her mark) Skelton. wit: Robt. Harkness, William (her mark) Cox. Robert Harkness made oath to E. Browne, J. P. 26 Jan 1797, and recorded.
[The above are the ancestors of Thelma Faye Prince, Martha Clark Skelton and William Skelton. Martha was the daughter of David Clark.  See

25 Mar. 1799. I, David Clark, for L30 sold to Henry Hill 130 acres, part of a tract on E. side of Keowe River, including mouth of Suder Creek. Wit: James McKenny
(called James McMahon in oath), Jonas Hill. Rec. 8 Apr. 1799.

David Clark for L500 sold to Jonathan Clark 395 acres on Hurricane Creek of 26 Mile Creek of Seneca River, bounded on NW unknown, on W by Osburn, granted David Clark by Chas. Pinckney, 2 Oct 1797. Date: 7 June 1800. Wit: John Cochran, Bolin Clark, Micach (sic) Clark. Michach (sic) Clark made oath to Robt. McCann, J.P. 3 Aug. 1801. Rec. 21 Feb. 1803.

Micaiah (sic) Clark and Lurany, his wife, for $100 sold to John Wortman 400 acres, part of 1000 acres granted Clark 1792, bounded land sold by Clark to Daniel Wallis, MeShack Green, on Hurricane and Big Crks. Date: 22 Nov. 1803. Signed Micaiah (sic), Lurany Clark. Wit: G. W. Terrell, William H. Terrell. George Washington Terrell made oath to James Starrett, J.P., 9 Dec. 1803. Rec. 20 Dec. 1803.

Jonathan Clark for $1000 sold to Thomas Coker 200 acres granted Boling Clark by Benj. Guerard, plantation where Jonathan Clark now lives, on E. side of 23 Mile Creek, bounded by Peter McLean. Date: 31 Aug. 1803. Wit: Jos. Clark, Wm. Coker, Lucinda (x) Rodgers. Wm Coker made oath to John Wilson, 2Nov. 1803. Jenny Clark, wife of Jonathan Clark, released dower to John Wilson, 2 Nov. 1803. Rec. 10 Jan 1805.

8 Mar. 1802. David Clark for $150 sold to James McAfee (no amount given) acres on W. side of the Keowee, granted Clark, 8 Nov. 1791. Wit: William (x) Staggs, Daniel Boon. Daniel Boon made oath to Henry Burch, J.P. Mar. 1802. Recorded Mar. 12, 1802.

17 Dec. 1803. Joseph Black (sic) for $867.50 sold to Thomas Coker 265 acres, part of tracts granted Boling Clark by Benj. Guerard, where Joseph Clark now lives, on 23 Mile Creek. Wit: Wm Coker, Josiah (x) Kees, Wm. Coker made oath to John Wilson, 21 Apr. 1804. Mary (x) Clark, wife of Joseph Clark, released dower to John wilson, 26 Apr. 1804. Rec: 10 Jan. 1805. [The deed was signed by Joseph Clark.]

James McKinney on 5 Oct. 1804, for $500....sold to Ratliff Boon, 358 acres where
Boon now lives, part of tract granted to Thomas Grant, 1 Aug. 1785, recorded Bk EEEE (no page number), on both sides of Keowee River, below Toxaway Creek. Wit: James McAfee, Joseph Boon, Jeptha Norton. James McAfee made oath to Thomas Hargiss, J.P. 8 Oct. 1804. Rec. 8 ___ 1804.

William Coker for $800 sold to John Bates, blacksmith, late of the State of Georgia, 270 acres, part of 2 tracts granted Boling Clark, conveyed by Joseph Clark, son of Boling Clark, to Thomas Coker and from him to his son, William Coker, one tract for 640 acres, deed dated 17 Dc. 1800, on back of 23 Mile Creek. Date 31 Oct. 1806. Signed William Coker. Wit: Zchr. Taliaferro, Eliza Bates, Rebecca Oliver. Zachariah Taliaferro, Esq. made oath to (Unreadable)....

John Bates for $800 sold to Warren Taliaferro, late of the State of Georgia, 270 acres part of 2 tracts granted Boling Clark and conveyed to Joseph Clark, son of Boling Clark, then to Thomas Coker by him to his son, William Coker. Date unreadable. Wit: ___ Oath says Zachariah Taliaferro, Wm. Coker, Eliza Bates, 24 Mar. 1807 to Samuel H. Dickson. Frances (x) Bates, wife of John Bates, released Dower to John Wilson, J.P. 3 Nov. 1806. Rec: Mar. 1807.

Religion: Quaker

Her name and birth year appear in the Margery (Rogers) Clark Bible, 1838.

Two sons, names not known may have died in the Rev WAR. 
  iv.   CHRISTOPHER CLARK, b. February 28, 1742/43.
Birthdate from Bell's Our Quaker Friends of Ye Olden Times, p. 5 
  v.   ELIZABETH CLARK, b. November 12, 1744. 
Birthdate: Bell's Our Quaker Friends of Ye Olden Times, p. 5. 
12. vi.   MICAJAH CLARK, SR., b. December 03, 1749, Va.; d. December 23, 1838, Warren Co. KY.
13. vii.   AGNES CLARK, b. 1756; d. Aft. 1820, SC.
14. viii.   DAVID CLARK, b. 1758, Bedford Co. Va.; d. August 15, 1825, Weakley Co. TN.
15. ix.   JONATHAN CLARK, b. May 20, 1759, Bedford Co. Va.; d. March 12, 1851, Christian Co. KY;See Will Bk N:656.
16. x.   JOSEPH CLARK, b. 1770; d. Bef. March 08, 1842, Christian Co. KY; Will probated that date..

6.ELIZABETH3CLARK (CHRISTOPHER2MICAJAH1)was born February 15, 1721/22 in probably New Kent Co. Va., and died 1813 in Ga.. She married JOSEPHANTHONY, SR. April 22, 1741 in probably Hanover Co. Va., son of MARKANTHONY andISABELLA HART. He was born May 02, 1713 in what became Henry Co. Va. now Albemarle Co., and died October 23, 1785 in Henry Co. Va. Left will.

James Clark, Mansfield, Christopher Clark and Allied Lines, by Virginia McNaught, published by her daughter c1935, p. 163-169.

Religion: Quaker

2,040 acres entered by Joseph Anthony, Sr. in Biscuit Run Valley, Albemarle Co., and moved to Bedford Co. Va.

From the Small Book, 1734-1735, Hanover Co. Va: April 5, 1734. Mark Anthony of St. Paul Parish, and Hester, his wife, to John Clayton of Williamsburg in James City, 50 acres on Mattdequin Creek (being part of Patent of William Watson, late of James City, deceased).

Mark Anthony and Hester were the parents of Joseph Anthony, Sr.

Louisa Co. Va. 1795. Turner Anderson deed to from Joseph and Charles Anthony, David Terrell, and wife Mary, William Ballard and wife, Elizabeth, Hudson's creek. Will of Charles Moorman. Deed Bk I, p. 275.

Fact 11 (2): They lived on "Lawyer's Road" in what is
Fact 12 (2): now Franklin Co. near Staunton River
Fact 13 (2): There are DAR Papers on this ancestor
Military: Rev. 2nd Lt. Militia, Oct. 26, 1776, Bedford Co. Va.
Occupation: Land owner in Louisa, Hanover, Albemarle
Occupation (2): owned land in Bedford Co. Va.
Religion: Quaker
Residence: Will in Henry Co. Will Bk I, p. 120, abt 1786

17. i.   SARAH4 ANTHONY, b. August 15, 1742, Va..
18. ii.   CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY, b. March 24, 1743/44, Va.; d. October 28, 1815, Cincinatti, Oh.
19. iii.   ELIZABETH ANTHONY, b. March 19, 1745/46, Va..
  iv.   PENELOPE ANTHONY, b. February 21, 1747/48, Va.; d. 1822; m.JAMES JOHNSON.
20. v.   JOSEPH ANTHONY, JR., b. March 28, 1750; d. 1834, Ga..
  vi.   JAMES ANTHONY, b. December 18, 1752, Va.; d. 1817; m. NANCY ANN TATE, 1772.
Residence: Moved to Wilkes Co. Ga. 1791 from Va.
  vii.   MARY ANTHONY, b. November 17, 1754; m. JOSIAH CARTER, 1771.
  viii.   CHARLES ANTHONY, b. March 20, 1757, Va.; d. young.
Residence: Died young
  ix.   MICAJAH ANTHONY, b. February 23, 1759, Va.; d. 1793; m. SARAH TATE, 1792.
Residence: Went to Wilkes Co. Ga 1787
21. x.   AGNES ANTHONY, b. March 07, 1761, Va..
22. xi.   RACHEL ANTHONY, b. March 08, 1763, Va.; d. 1800.
  xii.   WINIFRED ANTHONY, b. April 08, 1765; d. 1855; m. (1) JOSEPH BLAKEY; m. (2) JOHN CARTER.
  xiii.   MARK ANTHONY, b. October 08, 1767; m. (1) SARAH TATE; m. (2) ELIZABETH STINSON.
Residence: Moved to Ga. 1789
  Notes forSARAH TATE:
She was the widow of Micajah Anthony (159-1793). 
  xiv.   BOLLING ANTHONY, b. August 23, 1769; d. 1827; m. NANCY ANN STONE.
  xv.   JUDITH ANTHONY, b. October 23, 1771; m. (1) WILLIAM GREENE; m. (2) ROBERT WARE.

7.CHRISTOPHER3CLARK (FRANCIS2MICAJAH1) was born 1723, and died 1790. He married ELIZABETH STONE.