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Descendants of John Manning Cain

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN MANNING1 CAIN was born December 5, 1779 in possibly Rutherford Co. N.C. or Richmond, Va., and died February 8, 1875 in Gwinnett Co. Ga. Buried Mt. Moriah Church marked tombstone with these dates.  An old family record written by a great-granddaughter, Anna Wallenstein, says he died February 8, 1876.  He married (1) HARRIET MALINDA PRICKETT/PRITCHARD Abt. 1804 in thought to be Pendleton, S.C. He married (2) EDNA POOLE Abt. 1825 in probably S.C.
Here is a photocopy picture acquired from Carolyn Foreman, a great-granddaughter of John Manning Cain.
Although not a good picture, it does allow us to see the personal features of John M. Cain who lived long ago.



John was a member of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church and a farmer.  He may be found in the 1820 Pendleton District SC census, and in the 1830-1870 censuses Gwinnett Co. Ga.   He was once postmaster at Cain's District which was named for him.





JACOB T.2 CAIN, b. December 31, 1810, S.C.; d. March 26, 1854, DeKalb Co. Ga.; m. NANCY DAVIS POOLE, b. 11 July 1800, Chester Co. SC and died 29 November 1854, Fulton Co. Ga.



Notes for JACOB T. CAIN:

Jacob Cain's death is recorded in the family Bible of his brother-in-law, Allen Jackson Poole, Sr.
Jacob was the postmaster at Poolesville, Ga. when the post office was temporarily discontinued, August 1837.
More About JACOB T. CAIN:
1832 Land Lottery, Jacob of Hamilton's Dist. Gwinnett Co. won lot #576, Dist 17, section 2, West Cobb Co. Ga. Possession taken  14 Dec. 1839.  I need more information about Jacob.





JAMES J. CAIN, b. December 31, 1812, Pendleton Dist. S.C.; d. Bef. May 20, 1871, Gwinnett Co.Ga. Buried Old Friendship Bapt. Hall Co. Ga..





JOHN TOLIVER L. CAIN, b. April 15, 1814, S.C.; m. ELIZABETH ANN WILSON, July 04, 1838, Tuscaloosa Co. Al.




This couple had no children in 1850 Hall Co. census.
occupation: Blacksmith (1850 Hall Co. census,age35)
1832 Land Lottery, Gwinnett Co. Hamilton's  Dist, John T.L. Cain won Polk Co. lot #224,   Dist 17, section 4, reverted back to State  in 1846, and later given to Nathaniel Nelson.
residences: Age 30 in 1850 Hall Co. Ga. census; was married Tuscaloosa Co. Al. 1838

Marriage Notes for JOHN CAIN and ELIZABETH WILSON:
The marriage between John T. L. Cain and Elizabeth Ann Wilson was duly celebrated by Jolly Jones, J. P. Tuscaloosa Co. Al on 4 July 1838. Found in Marriage Book 1837-1843, page 68.





JOHN CAIN , JR., b. March 06, 1817, S.C. d. 6 July 1875, Cumming, Forsyth Co. Ga. and is buried there with marked tombstones along with his wife, Frances N.B. Anglin.





WILLIAM ANDERSON CAIN, b. April 26, 1819, S. C.; d. February 15, 1907, Gwinnett Co. Ga.Buried Mt. Moriah Bapt Ch, Gwinnett Co..





CAROLINE JANE CAIN, b. February 13, 1821, S.C.; d. February 18, 1889, Gwinnett Co. Ga.Mt. Moriah Bapt Church Cemetery.

Child of JOHN CAIN and EDNA POOLE is:




MANNING2 CAIN, b. May 06, 1826, South Carolina; d. September 01, 1877, Gwinnett Co. Ga. Buried Mt. Moriah Baptist Church.

Generation No. 2

2.   JAMES J.2 CAIN (JOHN MANNING1) was born December 31, 1812 in Pendleton Dist. S.C., and died Bef. May 20, 1871 in Gwinnett Co.Ga. Buried Old Friendship Bapt. Hall Co. Ga.  Tombstones not marked.  He married ESTHER/EASTER SKELTON January 15, 1829 in Anderson Co. S.C. marriage records, daughter of WILLIAM SKELTON and MARTHA CLARK.  They were married by James Gunnin, ESQ.

JAMES J. CAIN was a Baptist "old time fire and brimstone preacher" at Old Friendship Baptist Church and at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Gwinnett Co.  He can be found in the 1840-1870 Gwinnett Co. census





CLINTON MCDILL3 CAIN, b. Abt. 1832, Gwinnett Co. Ga. probably; d. Aft. 1880, Gwinnett Co. GA probably.





JOHN FRANCIS MARION CAIN, b. May 15, 1839, Gwinnett, Ga.; d. November 27, 1902, Gwinnett, Ga. or Hall Co., Ga. Buried Friendship Church.





JAMES TOLIVER CAIN, b. Abt. 1842, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. March 27, 1863, Bean Station, T2 Co. I, 55th Inf. of Gwinnett Co. Civil War.





CICERO COLUMBUS CAIN, b. October 29, 1844, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. May 30, 1916, Cleburne Co. AL





WILLIAM Z.L. CAIN, b. Abt. 1847, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. Aft. 1880.





MARTHA C. CAIN, b. October 02, 1849, Buried Sardis Methodist Church, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. August 01, 1917, Ga. either Hall or Gwinnett Co..





ADAM RUSSELL CAIN (BUD), b. January 1852, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. May 16, 1943, Houschton, Jackson Co. GA.


3. JOHN  ² CAIN , JR. (JOHN MANNING¹) was born March 06, 1817 in S.C.   This is in the old family record written by Anna Arah Jackson Wallenstein (1868-1942), a great- granddaughter of John Manning Cain.  He died July 6, 1875, and is buried by his wife, FRANCES ANN ANGLIN CAIN ( b. 9 Dec. 1823, Ga.; d. 24 Dec. 1898), in Cumming, Forsyth Co. Ga.  They married 19 August 1840, Gwinnett County, Georgia.   These dates are found on the tombstones of John and Frances Cain in City Cemetery of Cumming.   the tombstone says John Cain was born in Pendleton district, S.C.   John Cain was a farmer and a hotel keeper in Cumming, Ga.

Harry Nelms, a fellow Cain researcher,  provided me with the Forsyth Co. censuses of this John Cain.

1850 Census of Forsyth Co., GA, p.232, F/D 1241, 26 Nov, 31 Dist.
JOHN               CAIN,   m, age 33, b. SC, Farmer, VRE $4000
FRANCES A.   "          f         26       GA
MARY O.            "         f           6       GA , in school
AZALEE             "          f           1       GA      "
G.A.              ANGLIN    f         14       GA      "

1860 Census of Forsyth Co., GA, p.375, F/D 46/44, 2 Jun, Cumming P.O.
JOHN         CAIN Jr  age 43, b. SC, hotel keeper, VRE 8000, VPE 900
FRANCES      "               36       GA
MARY A.        "              16       GA
AZALEE N.     "              11       GA
OLIVIA           "              9       GA

1863 Forsyth Co., GA Militia Enrollment
Dist.  Name                 Yr     Mt     Occup.       Birthplace
879   JOHN CAIN      46    10      Farming     Anderson, SC

1870 Census of Forsyth Co., GA, p.1, D/F 5, Borough of Cumming
JOHN     CAIN age 53, b.  SC, Keeping Hotel, VRE 3000, VPE 4600
FRANCES  "          47      GA

Cemeteries of Forsyth Co., GA  by D. PARRISH, B.T. LEARY, and G.C. BAGLEY,
privately printed 1981, p.168, Cumming
FRANCIS A. CAIN     9 Dec 1823 -   24 Dec 1898
JOHN CAIN Jr            6 Mar 1817 -    6 Jul   1875

Below is a recently uncovered original record found in the Lawrenceville Courthouse by Steve Cain
giving the heirs at law of John Cain, Sr.  Among them are heirs of John Cain Jr. which do not match the heirs and children we have for John Cain, Jr.  who died in 1892, naming them in his will, Gwinnett Co.   In the deed following, John Cain, Jr. is already dead, and the date is 21 July 1885.  Also, David Thomas (D.T.) Cain is the clerk who wrote up this deed.  David Thomas was son of the John Cain, Jr. (1814-1892); this John, Jr. left a will in Gwinnett Co. naming his children.  The names in the 1892 will of John, Jr.  do not match the names given as heirs in this deed.  This deed has been transcribed by Thelma F. Prince.      Parenthetical remarks in the deed are the compiler's .

                      1885  Gwinnett Co GA land book "U" page 437
              Petition to Establish Past Deed In Gwinnett Superior Court, Georgia
                               Gwinnett County

     W.A. Cain vs. Jane C. Pool, et al
     Heirs at Law of John Cain, Sr.

To the superior court of said county.  The petition of William A. Cain respectively showeth that he was the owner of and possessed of a deed to thirty-five acres, more or less of land, situated on the waters of the Mulberry River in said county, particularly described in a copy deed hereto attached and which deed as appears from said copy was made and executed by one John Cain, Sr (at the time of its execution) of said county.  That said John Cain, Sr. is now dead, and that he died leaving no estate, and therefore no will, and neither has he any administrator—Said John Cain left surviving him as his heirs at law your petitioner, Mrs. Jane C. Pool, wife of Adam Pool, of said county, and John Williams and George W. Williams, grandchildren of Manning Cain, deceased, and John M. Cain, son of said Manning Cain, and heirs at law of James Cain as follows, to wit Hester Cain, (sic; should be Esther) widow of (sic)  John F. M. Cain, (should be widow of James), C.C. Cain, William Cain, Adam R. Cain, M.C. White, and R.J. Willingham,   (These were all heirs of James, deceased)   and the following children of C.M. to wit: G.W.M. Cain, E.C.C. Cain (Elizabeth C.C.), M.S.L.  Cain,  (Mary S. L. Cain ),  S.I.S. Cain   (Sarah I.S. Cain),    Alice Cain, J. W. Cain, all of said county, and the following heirs at law of John Cain, Jr. To wit: Azillee Webster, wife of George A. Webster of the county of Fulton, said state, and Olivia Brown, wife of John Brown of the County of  Murray  said state, and the children of Mary O. McAfee, wife of Joe McAfee, names of the children to wit: Fannie M. McAfee,  now Brown, Henry M. McAfee, Irena McAfee, Edgar L. McAfee, and Mary A. McAfee, who are represented by their natural guardian  and father, Joe McAfee of the county of Cherokee.  Petitioner further showeth that said original deed has been lost or destroyed and that he desires to establish the same.  He therefore prays the issuing of a rule nisi requiring the said heirs at law of John Cain Sr to show cause at the next term of said court why said copy deed should not be established in lieu of the original ost or destroyed and as in duty bound petitioner will ever pray.
                                                 F.F. Juhan, Petrs. Atty

State of Georgia, Gwinnett County

This indenture made and entered into on the fourteenth day of July in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and (twenty or seventy?) _?_enty five, between John Cain Sr. of the one part and William A. Cain of the other part, both of the county and State aforesaid.  Witnesseth   that the said John Cain Sr in consideration of the natural love and affection he has and bears towards his son the said William A. Cain together also for divers services rendered the said John by said William A. and also in consideration of five dollars in hand paid by the said William A. to said John Sr at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the said John Cain Sr. hath granted, bargained , sold and bequeathed unto the said William A. Cain, his heirs and assigns, all that tract or parcel of land situate in said county and state and lying on the waters of the Mulberry River and bounded as follows to wit:  Beginning at a chestnut corner on Charity Brimer’s line near her house and running a north easterly corner to a poplar corner near a branch thence , thence a north westerly corner to a white oak corner, near the Schamblee(sic) Old Mill Rd, thence a north easterly course to and across the Chamblee Mill road to a red oak corner, thence along said road on the north side a south westerly course to W.W. Duncan’s hickory corner, thence along said Chamblee’s Mill Road a west course and a straight line to Isaac Teagle’s line, thence along said Isaac Teagles line a south easterly course to the beginning corner, containing thirty five acres more or less.  To have and to hold the said bargained lands unto him the said William A. Cain his heirs and assigns forever in fee simple.  The said John Cain Sen. Hereby warranting the title to the same, against the lawful claims of all persons whatever.  In witness whereof the said John Cain Sr. hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal, the day and year above written.
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of
William Free                                          signed/John Cain, sen’r
W.P.A. Sims, J.P.

Georgia, Gwinnett County

Personally came William A. Cain who on oath says that the foregoing two pages of writing is a true copy in substance of the original deed represented therein and that the original deed is lost or destroyed.  Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 21 July 1885.
Signed/D.T. Cain, C.S.C. (Clerk of Superior Court)               signed/W.A. Cain
Filed in office July 21, 1885, D.T. Cain, Clerk

Motion to Establish Copy of Lost Deed.  In Gwinnett Superior Court.  To the Defendants: William A. Cain having presented to me a petition in writing.  Wherein he alleges that a certain deed, made and executed by John Cain Sr to him and his assigns, to thirty five acres of land, more or less, on the waters of Mulberry River in said county, particularly described in the copy deed hereto attached, which said deed has been lost and destroyed a copy of which deed in substance is attached to said petition and duly sworn to:  You are therefore hereby commanded to show cause at the next Superior Court to be held in and for said county on the first Monday in September next, why said copy deed should not be established in lieu of said lost deed.
Witnessth the Honorable N. R. Hutchins, Judge of said court.  This 21st day of July 1885.
D.  T. Cain, Clerk

W.  A. Cain to Jane C. Pool, John W. Williams, George W. Williams, John M. Cain, Hester Cain (sic, should be Esther), John F.M. Cain, C.C.Cain, William Cain, Adam G. Cain (sic, should be Adam R. Cain), M.C. White, G.W.M. Cain, E.C.C. Cain, M.S.L Cain, S.I.S. Cain, Alice Cain, J.W. Cain, children of C.M Cain,  Azilee Webster, Olivia Brown, Fannie M. McAfee, Henry M. McAfee, Irena McAfee, Edgar L. McAfee, Mary A. McAfee, children of Mary McAfee.

We hereby acknowledge service of this Rule and waive copy and all further service.  This 22 July 1885.  J.F.M. Cain, A.R. Cain, Jane C. Pool, G.W.M. Cain, E.C.C. Cain, M.S.L. Cain, S.I.S. Cain, Alice Cain, J.W. Cain, C.C. Cain, W.L. Cain, M.C. White, Hester Cain, Olivia Brown, Azilee Webster, R.J. Willingham,  John M. Cain, John M. Williams, George W. Williams, Fannie M. McAfee (now Brown),  Henry M. McAfee, Irena McAfee, Edgar L. McAfee, Mary A. McAfee.  All by J.M. McAfee, father of all the above children.

Gwinnett, Superior Court.  December adjourned term 1885.  Upon reading the within petition and waiver of notice by the defendants and there being no objections filed.  It is ordered by the court that the copy deed attached to the petition be established in lieu of the original deed so lost or destroyed, and it is further order by the court that the clerk of this court have leave to sign judgment against the petitioner for the costs of this proceeding .
Granted: J. Branham, J. S. C.                                  F.F. Juhan,
Petitioner’s Attorney
(Justice of the Superior Court)

The following records are from the DAR records.

Mrs. Azelee Cain Webster.
DAR ID Number: 109077
Born in Cumming, Ga.
Wife of George A. Webster.
Descendant of Col. James Little, as follows:
1. John Cain, Jr. (1817-75), m. 1840 Frances N. A. Anglin (1823-98).
2. John Anglin (1793-1838) m. 1823 Elizabeth Little (1803-81).
3. James H. Little (1769-1856) m. 1792 Anna Young (1773-1854).
4. James Little m. Isabella Hamilton (1741-1821).
James Little (1737-1807) commanded a regiment of Georgia militia;
engaged in battles of Kettle Creek and Augusta. He
was born in Virginia; died in Franklin County, Ga.

Mrs. Lena Webster Harrison
DAR ID Number 111733
Born in Cumming, Ga.
Wife of James Meachum Harrison
Descendant of Col. James Little as follows:
1. George Addison Webster (b. 1844) m. 1868 Azilee Cain (b. 1848)
2.John Cain, Jr. (1817-1875) m. 1840 Frances N.A. Anglin (1832-1898)
3. John Anglin (1793-1838) m. 1823 Elizabeth Little (1803-1881)
4. James H. Little (1769-1856) m. 1792 Anna Young(1773-1854)
5.James Little (1737-1807) m. Isabella Hamilton (1741-1821)

Based on the above records, the children of FRANCES ANGLIN and JOHN ²CAIN, Jr. (John Manning¹) are:

i.      MARY A.³CAIN,  b. abt 1844, Ga.  m. JOE  M. McAFEE.  Their children were: Fannie M. McAfee m. ____
Brown,  Henry M. McAfee, Irena McAfee, Edgar L. McAfee, Mary A. McAfee.
ii     AZILEE CAIN, b.  1848, Ga. m. GEORGE ADDISON WEBSTER, b. 1844.  Child: Lena Webster  m. James Meachum Harrison.
iii   OLIVIA CAIN, b. abt 1851m Ga. m JOHN  BROWN

Further research remains to be done on the line of John Jr., above,  the son of John Manning Cain, who lived in Cumming.  However, it does appear that the one below, whom we have so much information on, IS NOT THE SON OF JOHN MANNING CAIN.  Whose son is he?  Descendants of both are urged to contact me with questions or new information.  I have a little on some of the grandchildren of the following John Cain, Jr.

JOHN2 CAIN , JR.  (Unknown Cain) was born 14 Feb. 1814 in S.C., and died July 13, 1892 in Gwinnett Co. Ga. Buried Lilburn Bapt Ch Cem. He married (1) MARTHA ANDREWS July 20, 1836 in Gwinnett Co. Ga. (date from Gwinnett Co. Records. He married (2) THURSA ANN BROWNLEE July 11, 1853 in Gwinnett Co. Ga.   He married (3) SARAH ANN COTHRON March 28, 1880 in Gwinnett Co. Ga. Marriage Bk 5:143.

JOHN CAIN , JR. was a member of Yellow River Bapt at his death.  Yellow River,  in a memorial article about him, gives his birthdate as 14 Feb. 1814, and so does his tombstone in Lilburn Baptist cemetery.  He was a deacon and a farmer.  He served as 3rd Lt. Troop C, 10th Cav. in the Civil War.   Sarah Ann Cothron Cain filed a widow's Civil War Pension Claim which is to be found in the Ga Archives. This might give much more about John Cain, Jr's service, where he was born and when.

Children of JOHN 2CAIN, Jr. (Unknown) and MARTHA ANDREWS are:




ANDREW B.3 CAIN, b. July 30, 1837, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; m. MARTHA A.?.





EMELINE J. CAIN, b. August 14, 1839, Gwinnett Co. GA.; m. WILLIAM JACK BROOK(S), Abt. 1860, Moved to Sheridan, TX.





NANCY A. CAIN, b. June 01, 1842, Gwinnett Co. Ga; m. JOHN S. GARNER, Abt. 1860.





DAVID THOMAS CAIN, b. September 20, 1845, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. January 26, 1904, Buried Shadowlawn Cem. Lawrenceville, Ga. He m. DARLISKI NASH





JOHN RICHARD CAIN, b. August 19, 1848, Gwinnett Co. GA.; d. December 18, 1920, Gwinnett Co. Ga. Buried Lilburn Bapt Ch Cem.





MARTHA ANN CAIN, b. November 29, 1851, Gwinnett Co. GA.; d. September 03, 1919; m. ? GARNER.

Children of JOHN CAIN and THURSA BROWNLEE are:




FRANCIS MARION3 CAIN, b. April 09, 1853, Gwinnett Co. GA.; d. February 15, 1906, Gwinnett Co.Ga. M. FLORA MASON





SARAH ELIZABETH CAIN, b. October 22, 1854, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; m. ? ENGLAND.





GEORGE WASHINGTON CAIN, b. March 12, 1856; m. ELLEN PIERCE, May 13, 1875.





MARY JANE CAIN, b. December 08, 1858; m. W. I. CRYMES, Abt. 1875.





JAMES B. CAIN, b. November 09, 1861, Tombstone Lilburn Bapt Ch Cem; d. December 30, 1862, Tombstone Lilburn Bapt Ch Cem.





CHARLES G. CAIN, b. April 02, 1868.





JONAS CALVIN CAIN, b. October 30, 1874, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. July 1895, Ga.


4. WILLIAM ANDERSON2 CAIN (JOHN MANNING1) was born April 26, 1819 in S. C., and died February 15, 1907 in Gwinnett Co. Ga.  Buried Mt. Moriah Bapt Ch, Gwinnett Co.  He married (1) ANN MORGAN May 03, 1838 in Mt. Moriah Bapt. Ch, Gwinnett Co. Ga. [Bk3:919].  He married (2) MARY ANN BOND March 23, 1885 in Hall Co. Ga.

WILLIAM ANDERSON CAIN was a member of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church and a farmer.  He was postmaster at the Grapevine P.O. Gwinnett Co. and a member of the original Board of Education.  He served in the Civil War as a Captain, Troop H, 10th Cav. Regt., Ga. State Guards.

Children of WILLIAM CAIN and ANN MORGAN are:




MARY JANE3 CAIN, b. Abt. 1840, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. October 1896, Gwinnett Co. Ga.Buried Shadowlawn Cem Lawrenceville; m. (1) JAMES T. PUCKETT, January 29, 1856, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; m. (2) JACOB MARQUIS AMBROSE, January 01, 1860.




Jacob Ambrose and Mary Ann lived for many years in the Elijah Winn house, owned by the Ambrose family from 1870's until sold after Mary Ann's death. This house was the site of Gwinnett Co. organization in 1818, site of first elections and Inferior Court Sessions. House has been restored by the Gwinnett Co. Historical Society which you should contact for more information about this house.





MARTHA ANN CAIN, b. Abt. 1843; d. Abt. 1907, Texas; m. (1) JOSEPH WALKER; m. (2) CHARLES M. TUGGLE, February 22, 1863, Gwinnett Co. Ga. (Bk 4:451.




SUSAN EMELINE CAIN, b. May 01, 1845, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. March 15, 1911, Atlanta, Fulton Co. Ga..





JOSEPH ANSLUM CAIN (ANSE), b. February 13, 1846, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. July 24, 1929, Duncans, Auburn, Gwinnett Co..





ELIZABETH MALINDA CAIN, b. Abt. 1849, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. January 18, 1942, Atlanta, Fulton Co. Ga. Buried West View Cemetery, Atlanta.





JOHN WEBSTER CAIN (WEBB), b. February 10, 1852, Gwinnett Co. GA; d. July 26, 1909, Gwinnett Co. Ga.  Buried Buford City Cem., Buford, Ga..





CAROLINE AZILEE CAIN, b. July 31, 1854, Gwinnett Co. Ga.; d. May 19, 1883, Jackson Co. Ga. [Obit: Jackson Herald, 25 May 1883].









residences: Lived Atlanta in 1907; lived Beamont, TX   in 1929 [from obits of W.A.Cain and Anse].

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