Descendants of Duncan Bohannon, Sr. 

Compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince
© Copyright 2000



Generation No. 1

1.   DUNCAN1BOHANNON, SR. was born Abt. 1635 in England or Scotland, and died Bef. 1704 in Gloucester Co. Kingston Parish. He married CICELYCOLLMORE 05 July 1658 in St. Michael Parish, Barbados. She was born Abt. 1640, and died in Va.

Rec'd patent with John Mechen on 20 December 1667 for 220 acres, Gloucester Co. Va. They assigned this tract to Lt. Col. John Armistead. On 6 March 1674
Duncan was granted 340 acres of land in Gloucester Co., Kingston Parish, upon
the easternmost River, adj John Nevell, Wm Armistead, and due sd Bohannon by assignment. In the quits rents of 1704, Duncan Sr. does not appear, but his 3 sons are listed with the above land:
Duncan Bohannon-113 1/2 acres
John Bohannon-113 1/2 acres
Joseph Bohannon-148 acres

If Duncan Bohannon, Sr. divided his 340 acres between three sons, the dividends would be 113 1/3 acres each which supports an assumption that these taxpayers were his sons. Joseph apparently added to his dividend or perhaps it was surveyed to be a little larger than the other tracts.

The lands of Duncan Bohannon and John Neville probably were on East River in what is now Mathews County. Mobjack Bay is embraced by Gloucester and Mathews counties as an inlet of Chesapeake Bay. It is fed by Severn, North and East rivers. East River is in Mathews County which was formed from Gloucester County in 1790.

Duncan (Dunkin) Bohannon was granted 145 acres of land in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, 26 April 1704 for transporting three persons; William Cluny, Harris Temperance and John Smithson, to Virginia. The tract adjoined lands of Mr. Richard Dudley, Captain Knowles, Captain William Armistead and Aldridge. Since this patent was issued forty years after the one acquired by Duncan Bohannon in 1667, it must have been retroactive or else pertained to Duncan, Jr. It apparently was granted after the rents roll of 1704, since Duncan was shown with only 113 1/2 acres then.

Duncan Bohannon, Jr. of Gloucester County in 1704 apparently moved to St. Stephens Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia, by 1730. He seems to be the Duncan Bohannon with wife Sarah who founded the branch of the Bohannon family which lived in Culpeper County, Virginia, and Woodford County, Kentucky.

King and Queen County is adjacent to Middlesex County which adjoins Gloucester County. Gloucester County was formed from York County in 1651. New Kent County was erected from York County in 1654. King and Queen County was established in 1691 from New Kent County. Lancaster County was created in 1651 from Northumberland County and Middlesex County was organized in 1669 from Lancaster. Westmoreland County derived from Northumberland in 1653, part of which became Stafford County in 1664. Prince William County came from Stafford in 1731.

Residence: 05 May 1662, Charles Co. MD, sued by John Neville

  i.   ELIZABETH2 BOHANNON, b. Bet. 1660 - 1670; m. JOHN NEVILLE, 1685; b. 1662; d. 1773.
  ii.   JOSEPH BOHANNON, b. Bet. 1660 - 1670.
  iii.   JOHN BOHANNON, b. 30 January 1658/59, Baptized St. Michael's Parish, Barbados; d. Aft. 1704.
2. iv.   DUNCAN BOHANNON, JR., b. Bet. 1660 - 1670, MD or Virginia; d. Bet. 02 March 1753 - 01 March 1754, Orange Co. Va..

Generation No. 2

2.  DUNCAN2BOHANNON, JR. (DUNCAN1) was born Bet. 1660 - 1670 in MD or Virginia, and died Bet. 02 March 1753 - 01 March 1754 in Orange Co. Va.. He married SARAH(ELLIOTT?) 1697.

Daughter Margaret Bohannon, who was not on the birth record, is identified in the will of Duncan Bohannon, Jr. The will indicates that his sons William and Robert predeceased him:

Will of Dunkin Bohanon of the Parish of St. Thomas in the County of Orange, dated 2 March 1753 ... Sarah my beloved wife E21 a year during her natural life, to be kept in my son Dunkin's hands for her support, one Negro woman Phillis ... Negro wench Jenny ... in lieu of dower ... land in King William County may be sold ... children of my son William one seventh part of my estate to be equally divided ... as they shall come of age ... son Dunkin one seventh part children of my son Robert one seventh part ... equally divided as they shall come of age ... son Elliott one seventh part daughter Sarah Saymor one seventh part ... during her natural life and then to her heirs ... daughter Judith Askue one seventh part ... during her life and then to heirs lawfully begotten of her body by her present husband provided she gives good security for the said estate to return to her said children at her decease. If she refuse, to be divided among her children as they shall come of age ... daughter Margaret Gollorthun one seventh part ... during her natural life and 'then to the children lawfully begotten of her body by her former husband Henry Rice provided she gives good security. If she refuse, to be divided among her children as they shall come of age ... two sons Dunkin Bohanon and Elliott Bohanon executors. The will was signed with a mark and witnessed by Joseph Thomas, David Harris, William Elliott were neighbors of Duncan Bohannon, Sr.

A birth record of the children of Duncan Bohannon, Jr. was transcribed from the register of Kingston Parish on 12 June 1722 by Henry Bolton, perhaps for Duncan to take with him when he moved from Gloucester County:

June ye 12th 1722

Sarah ye Daughter of Dunken & Sarah Bohanan was born ye 7th of Sepr. 1698
Judeth ye daughter of Dunken & Sarah Bohanan was born ye 6th of May 1699
William ye Son of Dunken & Sarah Bohanan was born ye 4th of Aprill 1701
Dunken ye Son of Dunken & Sarah Bohanan was born ye 17th of January 1704
Robert ye Son of Dunken & Sarah Bohanan was born ye 30th of March 1707
Elliott ye Son of Dunken & Sarah Bohannon was born ye 21th of December 1711

Markus was born ye 6th of May 1710
Phillis was born ye 12th June 1714

A true Copy from ye Regestor Test. Henry Bolton Ch. Regr. Kings psh.

Kings Parish probably was an abbreviation for Kingston Parish since there is no record of a Kings Parish in Virginia.

The birth entries for Markus and Phillis probably represent slave children. Phillis apparently was still living in 1753 when Duncan Bohannon, Jr. made his will.

A codicil made the same day before the same witnesses added bequests to two grandchildren ... Franky Bohanon daughter of my son Dunkin Bohanon one Negro girl Lucy ... Mary Bohanon daughter of my son Elliott Bohanon one Negro girl Judy.

The will was presented into court by Duncan Bohannon (Dunkin Bohanon) on 01 March 1754 and proved by the witnesses. The inventory of the estate, returned on 28 March 1754, was valued at a total of Ib 370.0.0, including 18 slaves valued at E348.10.0. An additional inventory returned on 25 April 1754 totaled 114.3.6, including 5 slaves worth Ib114. The estate was distributed on 03 April 1754 to the children of William Bohannon, Elliott Bohannon, Judith Askue, Duncan Bohannon, children of Robert Bohannon, deceased, Margaret Gollorthun, and Sarah Saymor, with each share being valued at Ib 66.15.8. On 27 June 1754 an additional inventory was recorded in the amount of Ib 25.5.0. The share of the children of William Bohannon consisted of 'Tom, a negro man, 35.0.0, Tamer, a negro woman, 30.0.0, Jamey, a negro boy 1.0.0, one set of Va. cloth bed curtains & vallens & 2 grubbing hoes 0.15.8, total value Ib 66.15.8."

Since Margaret Bohannon had eleven children by Henry Rice (one of whom was of age to make a deed by 1747 and therefore born by 1726] and was married to John Gollorthun (Gollorthum) by 1753, it is likely that she married Rice by 1725 and was born before 1710. Perhaps, she was omitted from the birth record because she was the first child and already married by 1722 when the list was prepared.

On 06 January 1730 Duncan (Dunkin) Bohannon, Jr. was a resident of St. Stephens Parish, King and Queen County, when he purchased 611 acres in St. Georges Parish, Spotsylvania County, for 175 pounds currency from William Eddings and his wife Rebeccah of Spotsylvania. The deed was witnessed by Theophilus Eddings, Thomas Burton and Elliott Bohannon.
On 02 November 1731 Dunkin Bohannon of St. Stephens Parish, King and Queen County, sold the 611 acres, now in St. Marks Parish, Spotsylvania County, back to William Eddings (Edins) of St. Marks Parish for 175 pounds. On the same day William Eddings (Edings) and his wife Rebeccah conveyed
312 acres in St. Marks Parish to Dunkin Bohannon for 47 pounds currency. Robert Turner, Thomas Park and Dunkin Bohannon, Jr. (III) witnessed both deeds.
On 05 February 1734 Dunkin Bohannon (Bohannan) of King and Queen County returned the 312 acres to William Eddings of St. Marks Parish, Spotsylvania County, for 30 pounds currency. This deed was witnessed by G. Home and James King. Elliott Bohannon, who witnessed the deed on 06 January 1730, must have been the son of Duncan Bohannon, Jr. His son Elliott was aged 19 at the time.

Duncan Bohannon, Jr. of Orange County is indirectly connected with Henry
Bohannon of Middlesex County, Virginia, by an indenture from the widow of his son Robert Bohannon to the second husband of the widow of Henry Bohannon. Dated 01 September 1753 in Culpeper County, a deed was transacted between Bathsheba Bohannon, 'Executrix of the last will and testament of Robert Bohannon, late of the county of King & Queen of the one part and Robert Tureman of the county of Culpeper Planter of the second part."

Residence: 1704, Gloucester Co. Kingston Parish

  i.   MARGARET3 BOHANNON, b. Bef. 1710; d. Aft. 04 March 1754; m. (1) HENRY RICE, 1725; m. (2) JOHN GOLLORTHUN, 1753.
  ii.   SARAH BOHANNON, b. 07 September 1698, Gloucester Co. Va.; d. Aft. 04 March 1754; m. ____ SEYMOUR.
  iii.   JUDITH BOHANNON, b. 06 May 1699, Gloucester Co. Va.; d. Aft. 04 March 1754; m. ___ ASKEW.
3. iv.   WILLIAM BOHANNON, b. 04 April 1701, Gloucester Co. Va.; d. Bef. 02 March 1753, Orange Co. Va..
4. v.   DUNCAN BOHANNON III, b. 17 January 1703/04, Gloucester Co. Va.; d. 1760, Orange Co . NC., left will naming children below.
  vi.   ROBERT BOHANNON, b. 30 March 1707, Gloucester Co. Va.; d. Bef. 02 March 1753, King and Queen Co. Va.; m. BATHSHEBA BURNETT, 30 December 1732.
5. vii.   ELLIOTT BOHANNON, b. 21 December 1711, Gloucester Co. Va.; d. Bet. April - May 1781, Culpeper Co. Va..

Generation No. 3

3.  WILLIAM3BOHANNON (DUNCAN2, DUNCAN1) was born 04 April 1701 in Gloucester Co. Va., and died Bef. 02 March 1753 in Orange Co. Va.. He married SARAH Abt. 1732. She died Bef. 27 April 1753 in Orange Co. Va..

The wife of William Bohannon, son of Duncan, Jr., was named Sarah. On 06 October 1730 William Bohannon (Bohanan) of St. Stephens Parish, King and Queen County, bought 200 acres in St. Georges Parish, Spotsylvania County, from John Cook, and his wife Ann, for 1 pound, 10 shillings. On 02 September 1732 William Bohannon and his wife Sarah sold this tract to Edward Smith for 10 pounds, 5 shillings.

William Bohannon was dead by 02 March 1753 when, as previously shown,
his father Duncan Bohannon, Jr. made bequests to '... children of my son William one seventh part of my estate to be equally divided ... as they shall come of age.' This indicates that William's children were born after 1732. On 27 April 1753 the will of William Bohannon was presented into in Orange County, Virginia, Court:

A writing purporting to be the last Will & Testament of William Bohannon deceased was exhibited into Court it is therefore ordered that Robert Bohannon the son and heir at law to the said testator be summoned to appear here at next
Court to declare whether he will take Executorship of the same, And that Robert Brooking an everdine to the said Will be summoned to appear here at the next Court to prove the same. (Everdine must be a legal term for a witness.)

Since wife Sarah was not mentioned in conjunction with the will, she must have died previously. Being named as heir-at-law indicates that Robert was the first born son who would inherit the entire estate under the law of primogeniture which was recognized in Virginia at this time. A search of Orange County records did not reveal a subsequent probate or appearance in court by Robert Bohannon. However Robert sold 943 acres of land in Orange County, which had belonged to his father, to John Pendleton on 10 April 1762, so the inheritance must have been recognized:

    1735 William Bohannon 400 acres    Map 169
    1746 William Bohannon 943 acres    Map 170
    1764 John Pendleton 943 acres     Map 170

10 April 1762 An Indenture of Bargain & sale between Robert Bohannon of the one part & John Pendleton of the other part was proved by the oaths of John Pendleton Jr & Joseph Haskew two of the witnesses thereto.

In 1744, William bought some things for his daughters, Sarah and Mary, and son Duncan, from Jonathan Gibson, who deeded the items to the children:

I do certify that I, Jonathan Gibson, for the consideration of Ibs 17.02.06 paid by William Buckhannon do give to Sarah Bohannon, daughter of the said William, one feather bed and furniture, one side saddle and bridle, and cover. Also I give Mary, the daughter of the said William, one feather bed and furniture. Also to Duncan Bohannon, son of the said William, two beds, one feather bed, the other a cattaile (sic) bed, which goods I, the said Jonathan Gibson do warrant from the claims of all persons whatsoever ... 4th day of July 1744.
Witnesses: James Porteus & Edward Herndon

Jonathan Gibson was Clerk of the Orange County, Virginia, Court, so this property may have been part of an estate sale or auction performed by the clerk. Apparently these things were deeded directly to the children to give them clear title and set them aside from William's estate which would go to his son Robert as heir-at-law.

Robert Bohannon married Celia ------ and died in 1784 in Wake County, North Carolina. He served in the Johnston County, North Carolina, Militia with a man named Elliott Bohannon whose relationship has not been determined. Sisters Sarah and Mary Bohannon and brother Duncan Bohannon also were in North Carolina. Sarah is believed to have married Cornelius Keith of Johnston County. There was a John Bohannon there also whose relationship to the others is unknown.

William Bohannon and Abraham Bledsoe were securities on a bond of Elizabeth Hensley, who was executrix for Samuel Hensley, in the amount of 100 pounds, on 17 February 1735/6. Duncan (Dunkin) Bohannon and John Bohannon witnessed the Orange County will of William Rhodes of St. Thomas Parish on 08 December 1743 and Duncan proved it in Orange County Court on 26 April 1744. William Bohannon was granted 400 acres on Riga River and Horsepen Branch, adjoining Thomas Foster, Anthony Foster, Sharp and Hensley, by patent dated 10 January 1735. William Bohannon, planter of St. Marks Parish, and his wife Sarah, sold this tract to John Beckett for 4000 pounds of tobacco on 22 and 23 July 1737. A survey made in Orange County on 21 March 1738 showed William Bohannon with 943 acres of land. In 1735 he petitioned the court to amend a previous order, which was issued in the same time period, for an evaluation of his land by William Crosthwait, William Eddings and Theophilus Eddings. Since Crosthwait and William Eddings lived at some distance, he asked the court to replace them as appraisers with William Thompson and Andrew Harrison. William Bohannon served on juries in Orange County on 17 June 1735 and in March 1735/6. On 28 September 1736 Deputy Sheriff Gideon Marr executed a summons to William Bohannon, dated 20 August 1736 and pertaining to a suit by David Phillips for a past due promissory note in the amount of 400 pounds of tobacco. William Bohannon witnessed a deed in Orange County on 27 March 1740.

Children of WILLIAM BOHANNON and SARAH are:
6. i.   ROBERT4 BOHANNON, b. Aft. 1732; d. 1784, Wake Co. NC Left a will.
  ii.   SARAH BOHANNON, b. Aft. 1732; m. CORNELIUS KEITH.
  iii.   MARY BOHANNON, b. Aft. 1732.
7. iv.   DUNCAN BOHANNON, b. Bet. 1732 - 1742, Orange Co. Virginia; d. Bet. 02 September 1811 - 02 March 1812, Newford Creek, Lincoln Co. Ga..

4.DUNCAN3BOHANNON III (DUNCAN2, DUNCAN1) was born 17 January 1703/04 in Gloucester Co. Va., and died 1760 in Orange Co . NC., left will naming children below. He married SUSANNAMAY.

Duncan Bohannon III married Susanna May, daughter of John and Susannah May, Sr., and once lived in Caroline County, Virginia, where he was appointed guardian of a boy, May Burton. The surname May was used as a given name by descendants of John May, Sr. In 1740 Duncan Bohannon was summoned from Orange County to Caroline County Court to report on his guardianship.

  i.   JOHN4 BOHANNON, b. Bet. 1725 - 1729, Va.; d. Abt. 1789, Surry Co. NC; m. SARAH CASSADAY (2ND WIFE), 19 May 1781.
  ii.   JOSEPH BOHANNON, b. 1734, Va.; d. Orange Co . NC.; m. PATTY.
  iii.   DUNCAN BOHANNON IV, b. 1735, Va.; d. 1758, Orange Co . NC.; m. ANN.
8. iv.   BENJAMIN BOHANNON, b. 1739, Va.; d. 1798, Anson Co. NC Left a will, naming children below.
  v.   RICHARD BOHANNON, b. 1742; d. 1805, Chatham Co. NC; m. ELIZABETH.
  vi.   FRANCES BOHANNON, b. 1745; d. Aft. 1789; m. _____ BOYD.

5.ELLIOTT3BOHANNON (DUNCAN2, DUNCAN1) was born 21 December 1711 in Gloucester Co. Va., and died Bet. April - May 1781 in Culpeper Co. Va.. He married ANNWALKER 1748. She died Bef. 30 September 1801.

  i.   AMBROSE4 BOHANNON, d. Bef. 25 January 1798; m. MARY GIBBS.
  vii.   RICHARD BOHANNON, b. 11 December 1748.
  viii.   MARY BOHANNON.

Generation No. 4

6.ROBERT4BOHANNON (WILLIAM3, DUNCAN2, DUNCAN1) was born Aft. 1732, and died 1784 in Wake Co. NC Left a will. He married CELIA.

Children of ROBERT BOHANNON and CELIA are:

7.DUNCAN4BOHANNON (WILLIAM3, DUNCAN2, DUNCAN1) was born Bet. 1732 - 1742 in Orange Co. Virginia, and died Bet. 02 September 1811 - 02 March 1812 in Newford Creek, Lincoln Co. Ga.. He married ELIZABETH in ?. She was born in ?, and died Aft. June 1813 in Lincoln Co. Ga..

Sources for this family were: Lincoln Co. Ga. Marriages (Dr. 88-Box 11, Ga. Archives]; Lincoln Co. Wills & Misc. Est Records, 1800-32, p. 17 [Dr. 16, Box 615], Ga. Archives]; Lincoln Co. Ga. tax Digest, 1814-1820[Dr. 88, Box 60]. Wilkes Co. Ga. Loose Estate papers Dr. 242, Box 14]; " Wilkes Co. Papers, 1773-1833 " by Robert Davis; "The Georgians" by Jeanette Austin; 1805 Land lottery records; 1850 Jackson Co. Census. John D. Overstreet obituary in Christian Index.\
Compiled by Thelma F. Prince in April 1985. Updated by Thelma F. Prince June 1, 1999.
Duncan Bohannon's will was recorded between 2 September 1811 and 2 March 1812 in Lincoln Co. Ga. The will named his children as given on family page and a few grandchildren. His wife, Elizabeth was still living as of June 1813
Davis, p. 176]. Duncan bought land in Wilkes Co. Ga. in 1792. Lincoln Co. was formed from Wilkes 20 February 1796. Duncan was appointed appraiser of the estate of Frances Stribling, Wilkes Co., 25 April 1796. He drew in the 1805 Land lottery from Lincoln Co. When he died , he lived on Newford Creek, Lincoln Co. GA. adjacent to Alexander Moss. One of his daughters, Prudence, married Alexander MossThe Georgians, Moss family, p. 266].\\
The Lincoln Co. Tax Digest, 1814-1820- Ga. Archives, Dr. 88, Box 60 shows:
1814. Capt James P.___'s District. #5
John D. Overstreet- 4 slaves, 15 acs on Beaverdam Cr. in Elbert Co. GA. For the estate of Dunkin Bohannon, Dec'd.- 3 slaves- 400 acs adj. Moss on Newford Cr. in Lincoln Co. Ga.
The children of Duncan Bohannon who drew in the 1805 Land Lottery from Lincoln Co. were: Isaiah, William, and Young. Those 3 had to have been born by 1784 to meet the age requirement (21) to draw. In addition to them a John Bohannon drew from Lincoln Co. Ga. His relationship is unknown to this compiler. He was found to have married Lydia or Ann ____, moved to Jasper Co.
Duncan Bohannon (the elder) also drew in the 1805 Land Lottery from Lincoln Co.

THE WILL OF DUNCAN BOHANNON, Lincoln Co. Ga.[Dr. 16, Box 615]

Duncan's will is dated 24 March (no year), not signed, not witnessed and no date of probate is given. However, Henry Jones and Philip Hendley swore to this last will and testament, signed but not dated. The will preceding this one was recorded 2 September 1811, and the one following Duncan's was recorded 2 March 1812. So it was done sometime between those dates.

In the name of God Amen I Dunken Bohannon of the County of Lincoln and the State of Georgia planter being strong in mind tho weak in body do make this my Last Will and Testament and revoking all others do give and bequeath my worldly goods in the manner following viz....
I leave to my well beloved wife every earthly thing I do possess both real and personally during her life or widowhood. She having it in her power to lend to any of my legatees or children hereafter named any part of the said property during her life so that it is the ____ or _____ part bequeathed them in this will and not excluding that part which I give them.
I give to my son William Bohannon one negro man named Jacob to him and his heirs forever and to his son at his death by the name of Dunkan one negro girl named Matilda to him and his heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Obedience Manning wife of Edmond Manning one negro man by the name of Joe and I also give to Simion Manning son of the said Edmond one negro girl by name of prissey at the death of his mother to them and their heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Prudence Moss wife of Alexander Moss $50 and to their son at the death of his mother by the name of Dunkan J.J. Moss one negro boy by the name of Christos to them and their heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Piety Whitman wife of Nathan Whitman one negro boy by the name of Frank and to their two sons, namely, Boby A. Whitman and Robin B. Whitman at the death of their mother to be equally divided between them one negro firl by the name of Rose to them and their heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Mercy (or Massey) Moore wife of William Moore one negro man by the name of James and one negro girl by the name of Cealey to them and their heirs forever.
I give to my son Young Bohannon one set of blacksmith tools and all he has at this time or what I have given before to him and his heirs forever.
I give to my son Wyley Bohannon one still and two hundred acres of land known by the name of the Dooly Tract adjoining the tract I now live on to him and his heirs forever.
I give to my son Budy Bohannon two hundred acres of land where I now live and all the appertenances thereunto belonging also one waggon I give to him and his heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Christiana Bohannon one negro woman ____ and her two children Antick [?] a boy and Cealey a girl and all their increase and two feather beds and furniture one desk one large looking glass one Sorrel horse two cows and calves to her and her heirs forever.
I give to my daughter Sinthey Bohannon one negro woman by the name of Hannah and her child a girl named Edy and two feather beds and furniture one large looking glass one _____ two cows and calves one brown colt and mare and their increase for ever to her and her heirs forever.
My desire is at the death of my wife that all the property both real and personal be equally divided between my son Josiah and all my before mentioned daughters which is not in this will and everyone of my sons and daughters to have and to hold all the property I have given in my lifetime to each of them.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 24th day of March in the year _____ of our Lord. Year not given]\
in the presence of _________ (no witnesses or signature].

Blank space appears here

Personally appeared in open court Henry Jones and Philip Hendley and being duly sworn according to law saith that they heard Duncan Bohannon acknowledge his name to the within instrument of writing to be his last wull and testament and at the tie of his so doing he was of a sound disposing mind and memory and also saw Miss ____ Jones assign as a witness to the same. This to the best of their knowledge.
s/Henry Jones
s/William Harper, C.C.O. s/ Philip Hendley

Transcribed from a photocopy of the microfilm Dr. 16, Box 615, Ga. Archives
Comes from Lincoln Co. Ga. Wills, and Misc. Est. Records, 1800-1832, page 17

Fact 1: Bought land in Wilkes Co. 1792
Fact 2: Duncan drew in 1805 Lincoln Co. Lottery
Fact 4: Planter
Fact 11: Wilkes Co. Ga. >Lincoln Co. Ga. formed
Fact 12: from Wilkes Co. 20 Feb 1796, lived on
Fact 13: Newford Creek

  i.   ISAIAH/JOSIAH5 BOHANNON, b. Bef. 1784; m. (1) POLLY QUIZLE, 02 March 1807, Lincoln Co. Ga.Marriages, Dr.88,Box 11, Ga. Archives; m. (2) JANE HAMILTON, 30 April 1833, Newton Co. Ga..
The name is not written clearly in the will of Duncan Bohannon, and records are found for both names, Josiah/Isaiah. He drew in the 1805 Land Lottery from Lincoln Co. Ga. Will says all property is to be divided between him and Duncan's above mentioned daughters.
9. ii.   WILLIAM BOHANNON, b. Bef. 1784, Wilkes Co. Ga.; d. 1815, Clarke Co. Ga..
  iii.   YOUNG BOHANNON, b. Bef. 1784; d. Living as of June 1813 [Davis:176.
Young drew in the 1805 Land Lottery from Lincoln Co. Ga. He received a set of blacksmith tools and " all I have given him before" from his father in his will. He was still living June Term 1813 and was the prosecutor of a Grand Jury called to charge that James Carter sold Elizabeth Bohannon's property without her permission Davis, p. 176].\
  iv.   SINTHEY BOHANNON, b. Abt. 1787, Ga. She and John found in 1850 Jackson co. Ga. census; d. lived Soap Creek, Lincoln Co 1818 adj. William Golden; m. JOHN D. OVERSTREET, 02 May 1812, Lincoln Co. Ga. Marriages Ga. Archives; b. Abt. 1783, Va.(according to 1850 Jackson Co. Ga. census); d. July 1852, Ga.[Christian Index Obituary]].
This couple was found in the 1850 Jackson Co. census. Their ages are as given in the census. They were living on Soap Creek, Lincoln Co. adjacent to William Golden in 1818 Austin. \\
Fact 11: located 1850 Jackson Co. Ga. census
10. v.   CHRISTIANA BOHANNON (POLLY), b. Unknown, living on Soap creek, Lincoln Co. adj. Wm Golden 1818.
  vi.   BUDDY BOHANNON, b. Unknown, of age in 1811 when his father named him in will; m. (1) NANCY WADE, 29 March 1812, Lincoln co. Ga. this marriage came from Dewey Melton; m. (2) JANE STOUT/TATE?, 14 May 1837, Lincoln Co. Ga..
11. vii.   OBEDIENCE BOHANNON, b. Unknown.
12. viii.   PIETY BOHANNON, b. Unknown.
13. ix.   PRUDENCE BOHANNON, b. Unknown.
  x.   WYLEY BOHANNON, b. Unknown; m. ?.
Wyley received from his father's will 200 acres known as the Dooly tract, adjacent to the tract his father Duncan lived on at his death. 
In December 1810, Wyley lived on 200 acs in Wilkes Co. adjacent to William Mallory, but claimed as the property of Elijah Clarke, deceased, by Jones, Walton, and Company [Davis, p155]. Isaac Bolton vs George King and Wylie Bohannon for killing 17 of Bolton's hogs at the home of Aycriah King. August Term 1807, Inferior Court. Recorded in Book L, folio 303 [Davis, p203]. 
14. xi.   MERCY/MASSEY BOHANNON, d. Aft. 1835, GA..

8.BENJAMIN4BOHANNON (DUNCAN3, DUNCAN2, DUNCAN1) was born 1739 in Va., and died 1798 in Anson Co. NC Left a will, naming children below. He married JUDITH MAY (2ND WIFE).

  iii.   MAY BOHANNON.
  viii.   MARY BOHANNON, m. _____ CHAPMAN.


Compiled and edited 29 October 2000 by Thelma F. Prince